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      Gender equality

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The British Council works with women and men globally to promote the status of women and their participation in the political, social, economic, cultural and legal structures in their countries. Our work in gender equality focuses on the need to address the barriers that women face in all areas of their lives, which impede their development as individuals and enable them to escape the cycle of poverty in which they are trapped.

Whilst recognising that men too can be disadvantaged there is overwhelming evidence that women suffer discrimination disproportionately and despite carrying almost exclusively the burden of carers, as well as trying to earn a living, they are still denied access to education and health services, are subjected to violence in their own homes and still regarded as social inferiors in many countries.

Through our work we attempt to mainstream not only gender but other aspects of social diversity as core principles guiding our work, as well as themes in their own right. By working as a team on focused themes we aim to contribute further to promoting equality between men and women irrespective of their diverse backgrounds.

It is our aim to promote gender equality into all our work by:-

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