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Women's Political Participation

Women and Democracy Mary Ann Stephenson, former Director of the Fawcett Society has been running a series of women democracy seminars in Africa, South America and the Middle East focusing on the barriers that women encounter in political life . Bringing together women activists from civil society, journalist and women politicians the seminars have explored issues of women's representation in the media and strategies for countering the discrimination they encounter in what has previously been seen as an all male environment.

A publication based on the experiences and strategies that have been shared by these women is planned for September 2003.

'Big Cars and Leaking Roofs' A group of MPs from east and Central Africa have been sharing political experiences with women MPs from the UK whom they will be shadowing for a week. To learn more about this exchange and why it's called 'Big Cars and Leaking Roofs' click here.

British Council Seminars

Engendering Democracy - Belfast 2003

Full details of seminar and conference proceedings available click here.


Women's Political Participation in the UK

This publication reviews the background to women's under-representation, their representation in elected office today, and their participation in broader political activity. Addressing the controversial theme of whether women in politics ‘make a difference’ it also looks at positive action used at all levels of government, the role of women's voluntary organisations, women in political parties and as voters and policy-making for women.

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