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A guide to the revised governance and law Web pages

Due to the increasing volume of information, the British Council's Web pages on Governance and law have been restructured and revised. The home page now breaks down the content into the two main areas of Governance and Law giving options to discover our work, activities and publications in these areas.



Guidelines on Human Rights

A new document titled, Possible approaches to the promotion of human rights, has been added to the Law and Human Rights section of this Web site.

The purpose of this document is to help guide British Council Country Directors working to promote good governance. In particular it considers ways in which the British Council could further develop its existing portfolio in human rights in the light of the increased emphasis being given to human rights by Her Majesty's Government. It draws on British Council experience as well as academic, consultancy and donor perspectives.

Conflict resolution organizations in the UK

This is the product of a Council-commissioned review by the Department of Peace Studies at Bradford University. It is an inventory of UK organizations and individuals working in conflict resolution and related fields.

More details can be found at

Bibliography on UK governance

The new governance bibliography can now be found in the Governance pages of the British Council's Web site at

It aims to provide British Council offices overseas with sources of information about recent developments in governance in the UK. It focuses especially on changes and reforms in the British public sector over the past decade or so.

How the media can promote democracy

The British Council and the Economic Development Institute of the World Bank held a seminar of over 100 funders, trainers and NGOs in London on 27 February 1997, to explore training needs and opportunities in the media, especially in Eastern Europe and Africa.

A fully detailed report of the meeting, entitled Media and governance: how media training can promote democracy and economic reform in transitional and developing countries is now available on the British Council's web pages, together with a directory of relevant British and European trainers, NGOs and funding agencies.





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