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Summary of recent training activity in the field of media law and human rights


Role of the Judiciary in the Protection of Human Rights Conference
Duration: 1996
Objective: Providing British experience and expertise in Rule of Law through collaboration with the Supreme Constitutional Court.

Promotion of Human Rights
Duration: 1997/8
Objective: Contributing materials to establish core HR libraries.


Ethiopian Women Lawyers Association Study visit to Ghana TCT programme
Duration: 1996
Objective: Illustration how FIDA (Ghana) works with women to promote their rights and status under the law


British Chevening Scholarships programme-Human Rights
Duration: 1997/8
Objective: Protecting Human Rights

British Chevening Scholarships programme-Human Rights
Duration: 1997/8
Objective: Aiming to encourage cultural and scientific exchange.

African Charter for Human Rights
Duration: May 1997
Objective: Ensuring that participating West African states gain knowledge to pass on to policy makers.


Prison Reform-Study Tour for National Human Rights Commission
Duration: Early 1996
Objectives: Commitment to action in Human Rights and Economic Restructuring


Human Rights-Training, Seminars, Legislative Drafting
Duration: 1995 onwards
Objectives: Promoting democratic values, focusing on CSR, Human Rights etc.

Police support of victims of domestic violence-Collaboration between Federation of International Women Lawyers and Council
Duration: July 1995
Objectives: Provision of information and opportunity to bring the police and an NGO together


Human Rights and Democratisation-Project Design
Duration: 1996
Objectives: Consolidating democratic institutions and Human Rights in Malawi


Human Rights-Conference for Law Graduates
Duration: March 1994 onwards
Objectives: Training and information to NGO's to help present their cases on HR abuses.

Working with Conflict-Workshop
funded by BC with co-operation from British High Commission

Duration: 1996
Objective: Developing practical techniques for use in conflict resolution

The Rights of Prisoners-Improving Court Procedures Workshop
Duration: Late 1997
Objectives: Investigating problems and suggesting improvements


Police Training-Assistance with DFID project
Duration: 1996-1999
Establishing a Central Planning and Training Unit in the National Police Academy


Human Rights-Exchange programmes and Study visits
Duration: 1997/8
Objectives: Managing exchange programmes and projects to promote Human Rights in the region.

South Africa

All Africa Conference on Human Rights
Duration: 1997/8
Objectives: Providing information resources


Human Rights-Various activities
Duration: 1997/8
Objectives: Promoting Human Rights by arranging at least thirty-four activities in support.

Support to Conflict Resolution and Human Rights
Duration: 1996
Objectives: Assisting DIMARSI - Disaster Management and Refugees Studies Institute with aims to run training programmes


Tanzania Child Rights-Seminar on responses of criminal justice system to child abuse organised by Tanzanian Women Lawyers Association and BC Tanzania
Duration: 1996
Objectives: Examining child abuse/protection issues from local perspectives

Refugee Studies-Focus on Women's and Children's Rights
Duration: 1996
Objectives: Developing recognition, teaching and research of growing problem of forced migration






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