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The aim of our work in governance is to enhance awareness of the UK's democratic values and processes by working in partnership with other countries to strengthen good government and human rights.

We work with both government and civil society to advance debate, knowledge and skills and seek to create a wider appreciation of the UK as a valued partner in tackling key reform agendas and promoting sustainable development.

If you are interested in governance issues find out what we're doing in the areas of law and human rights, ethnicity and communities, and gender. We are also active in economics and management, modernising government, and participative democracy. Find out more about our areas of activity.
Fostering debate, networking and information exchange in the field of governance is an essential part of our work. Find out more and gain invaluable contacts and knowledge through British Council Seminars the Human rights network and the John Smith Fellowship.
Access our resource bank of reports and articles on latest developments in governance activities and research ranging from the Directory of human rights resources in the UK to Trends in Governance and the Violence against women directory.
If you are looking for support for your own professional development, we may be able to help you locate this information.
ConnectingFutures British Council Seminars
ConnectingFutures British Council Seminars

A news, information and networking tool for the global human rights community.

Building mutual understanding between young people worldwide.

International seminars and conferences.

Diversity and the UK Development Services  
Diversity and the UK Development Services  

Equal Opportunities and Diversity in the British Council

Our international development work in Governance and Society

Human rights | network
NEW Citizenship Education and Human Rights Education Publication
The Inter-relationship between Commonwealth Human Rights Commissions and other National Human Rights Institutions
 Blueprint for Europe
Draft EU Constitution published 26 May 2003, and special report from the Guardian on European Integration
 National Human Rights Institutions: Effective or Just Existing - A British Council Seminar at Queen's University, Belfast, 26 October - 1st November 2003
 Modernising Government in Europe IV
Politics and Public Administration, Department of Public Administration, Rome
 Socius web site launched
Launch of the Socius seminars on citizenship in the 21st century
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