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Law and human rights events
a selection of national and international events

If you have an event that you would like included on this list, please contact the governance team at the British Council.

Other human rights-related events can be found on the British Council's International Networking Events page.

2000 | 2001



  • Bringing Home the Platform for Action
    4 July 2000, London
    A seminar on the five year review of the Fourth World Conference on Women Platform for Action.
    Workshops include women and poverty; violence against women; women and armed conflict; human rights of women; the girl child; et al.
    For more information and a booking form please contact Change,
    Telephone +44(0)20 7430 0692;
    Fax +44(0)20 7430 0254
    E-mail address: change_clc@compuserve.com

  • Psychology of Women Conference
    10-12 July 2000,
    West Park Conference Centre, Dundee, Scotland
    Topics include domestic violence, motherhood, identity, sexuality, mental health.
    Pre-conference seminar:
    The voices of domestic violence: are we listening?
    Monday, 10 July, University of Dundee, Scotland
    looking from a multi-agency perspective at problems faced by individuals both professionally and personally in combating or coping with domestic abuse
    For more information on both events please contact:
    Joanne Gray or Suzanne Zeedyk, University of Dundee, Psychology Department, Dundee. DD1 4HN
    Telephone +44(0)1382 344611 or 344622
    Fax +44(0)1382 229993
    Email: j.e.gray@dundee.ac.uk
    or see Website www.dundee.ac.uk/psychology/pows

  • Decision-making and the Human Rights Act
    London, 13 July 2000
    Conference organised by the Local Government Association
    For more information and registration details please contact:
    Pavillion Publishing, Telephone +44(0)1273 623222;
    Fax +44(0)1273 625526;
    email: pavpub@pavillion.co.uk

  • At Century's Dawn: The Future and Past of Human Rights and the Rule of Law
    24-25 July 2000, London Marriott Hotel
    For more details contact: 020 7862 8691/3
    email: iuss@sas.ac.ul

  • 25-29, International Lawyers Association 69th Biennial Conference, London UK
    Professor Alan Boyle
    Hon ILA Secretary
    Department of Public Law
    University of Edinburgh


  • September 2000
    Human Rights and Penal Issues
    5-6 September, 2000, New College Oxford
    This conference is organised by the Howard League and will bring together a wide range of criminal justice practitioners and policy makers, from the police, the judiciary, the Attorney General, the Chief Inspector of Prisons, the governor of Wandsworth Prison, the Prisons Ombudsman, the Commission for Racial Equality, the Probation Service, the Magistrates Association, the Youth Justice Board, Victim Support, the Unlock organisation for ex prisoners, and others.
    If you would like to attend please contact Barbara Norris at the Howard League:
    Telephone +44(0)207 249 7373;
    Fax +44(0)207 249 7788,
    Email: howard.league@ukonline.co.uk Website web.ukonline.co.uk/howard.league/webpage.htm
  • 7-8 September 2000
    New Institutional Theory, Institutional Reform and Poverty Reduction
    Development Studies Institute, London School of Economics - 10th Anniversary Conference
    International conference which aims to provide a review of the way New Institutional Theory (NIT) goes beyond pure market and pure democracy theory by producing a coherent link between the need for expertise and control on the one hand, and individual autonomy and accountability on the other.
    For further details contact Sue Redgrave, DESTIN, 0207 955 6252
    Email: s.redgrave@lse.ac.uk
  • 8-10 September 2000, Birmingham
    BAICE Conference 2000 - Democracy and Citizenship
    International conference organised by the British Association of Comparative and Internation Education.
    For further information and details of registration see: http://www.ed.ac.uk/~baice/Conferences.html
  • 10-13 Sep, Sydney World Law Congress, Sydney Australia
    Law Society of New South Wales
    tel (+61) 2 9926 0256
  • 10-15 September 2000, Edinburgh International Conference Centre,
    Commonwealth Magistrates' & Judges Association Conference 2000
    For more information and booking details contact cmja@btinternet.com or visit the CMJA website at:
  • International Migration: New Patterns, New Theories
    A multi-displinary conference
    Nottingham Trent University, England, 11-13 September 2000
    For more information contact:
    Dr Caroline Nagel, Dept of International Studies, Nottingham Trent University
    Telephone +44(0)115 848 3451
    Email: caroline.nagel@ngu.ac.uk
    Website http://human.ntu.ac.uk/im/
  • Children's Rights Seminar
    11-15 September 2000, London
    Looking at wide range of issues in children's rights including children in armed conflict, child solders, child refugees, child prostitution, street children, children and poverty, right to education, et al.
    For more information please contact Human Rights International Alliance,
    Telephone +44 (0) 1483 771558;
    Fax +44 (0) 1483 765615;
    E-mail childrensrights@hria.net
    More information and on-line booking form at:
  • 12-23 Sep, International Bar Association Biennial Conference, Amsterdam, Netherlands
    International Bar Association
    tel (0171) 629-1206
    fax (0171) 409-0456
  • 17-22 Sep, International Federation on Ageing Fifth Global Conference, Mar del Plata Argentina
    IFA Latin America and Caribbean Secretariat
    tel +54 1 952-4751
    fax +54 1 952-6397
  • Sep-Oct, Forum 2000 International Lawyers Conference, Perth Australia
    Forum 2000 Conference Management
    tel +61 8 9367 7666
    fax +61 8 9367 7179


  • 16-19 October 2000, Wilton Park, Sussex
    "Human Rights and Global Economic Governance: How can we build equity"

    For information please contact Frances Martin, Telephone +44 (0) 1903 817777
    E-mail frances.martin@wiltonpark.org.uk

  • 23-24 October, Chatham House, London
    Corporate Citizenship: Defining the New Responsibilities International conference

    For more details contact Julia Thomas, Royal Institute of International Affairs
    Telephone +44(0)20 7957 5753
    E-mail jthomas@rlia.org

  • 29-30 October, London
    'Enough is Enough', Internation Conference on Domestic Violence
    An international conference organised by the Metropolitan Police Service to examine the human, financial and resource implications of domestic violence.

    For more details and registration contact the organisers
    Telephone +44(0)207 940 5555
    Fax +44(0)207 940 5577
    E-mail reg@event-org.com


  • Children, Social Exclusion and Citizenship
    10 and 11 November - University of Sunderland, UK

    The conference will focus on the welfare systems in Denmark and England, looking at how social policy initiatives, legal discourse, and practice models impact upon socially excluded children and their families in the two countries. The conference themes are as follows:

    Learning to be citizens: Educational approaches to social exclusion
    Welfare policy: Marginalising the child
    Intersecting violences: Policy implications for women and children

    for further info please contact:

    Sue Cottam,
    University of Sunderland,
    School of Humanities and Social Sciences
    Priestman Building,
    Green Terrace,
    SR1 3PZ.

    Telephone: +44 191 515 3621
    Fax +44 191 515 2229
    Email: susan.cottam@sunderland.ac.uk

  • Turning the Tide: A New Approach to Conflict Resolution
    23 - 24 November 2000, Auckland, New Zealand
    Exploring the complex nature of modern conflict the conference will discuss new cross-sectoral approaches to resolving conflict from several perspectives including domestic violence, conflict and the media, international disputes. Participants will include high profile specialists from New Zealand and the UK. Aimed at practitioners from government, the media, NGOs, defense, researchers, lawyers and academics.
    For more information please contact James Niven at the British Council's Auckland office,
    Telephone (00 64 9) 373 4477 / 8
    Fax (00 64 9) 373 4479
    Email: james.niven@ak.britishcouncil.org.nz or

    Rebecca Steffens in Wellington Telephone (00 64 4) 495 0880
    Fax (00 64 4) 473 6261
    Email: rebecca.steffens@britishcouncil.org.nz

  • Suffrage City: Women's Suffrage and Cultural Representation
    A look at women's rights issues in history - international speakers
    University of Wolverhampton, Dudley, England,
    Saturday, 11 November 2000
    For more information contact:
    Paula Bartley, University of Wolverhampton
    Email: fa1912@wlv.ac.uk

  • Millennium Law and Human Rights Conference
    Environmental Injustice equals Human Rights Violations.

    24 November 2000
    Conway Hall, 25 Red Lion Square, Holborn, London, WC1R 4RL

    Is there hope with the incorporation of the European Convention on Human Rights into the British Legal System or is Europe the answer?

    The Environmental Law Centre has organised a conference that will focus on key issues about justice in the UK Legal System and whether the Human Rights Act will make any difference. The Human Rights Act may turn out to be the most fundamental change to the British legal System in recent years.

    The conference is free (inc. lunch/wine) for Not-for-Profit organisations/students/OAPs/unemployed and your participation is most welcomed. Commercial organisations 50 (inc. lunch/wine).

    Please visit our website for further details about the conference and to fill-in the 'online conference booking form'. www.elc.org.uk



  • 20-22 Sept, World Congress on Family Law and the Rights of Children and Youth, International Co-operation for the Protection of Children in the New Millennium, Bath, England
    World Congress Secretariat
    to submit papers, telephone +61(0)2 9252 1635 / 3388
    Fax +61(0)2 9241 5282
    email capcon@ozemail.com.au

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