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Law and Human Rights

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Human Rights Events

Citizenship education and human rights education - An overview of recent developments in the UK

'Our World, Our Rights: Creating a Culture of Global Citizenship and Human Rights'
izenship and Human Rights Exhibition imaginatively illustrated by the Guardian Newspaper's Political Cartoonist Andrzej Krauze.© British Council 2002.)


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Reforming Criminal Justice - Experience from the UK

A series of papers which looks at aspects of the criminal reform proposals in England and Wales

Commonwealth Human Rights Commissions Pages

The British Council works in 30 Commonwealth countries, as part of a global network of offices and centres in 227 towns and cities and 110 countries. This project looks at the work of the National Human Rights Commissions across the Commonwealth

Human Rights in the UK a resource guide

Updated directory of UK Human Rights Organisations and resources taken from the 2nd Edition of this popular publication.Coverage includes: Public Sector, Higher Education,and Professional Organisations.

Human Rights in the UK an Overview

This document outlines the effect of the recent changes; the situation in respect of the UK’s other international human rights commitments; and some of the main areas of law and policy in the UK in 2002 that are raising human rights issues.

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Updated 28.10.03

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