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Law and human rights annual report 2000/2001

Visits to the UK

Every year the British Council arranges a large number of study visits and professional meetings for our overseas partners.

The British Council in Ethiopia

  • Funded a law and development specialist to attend the International Rights Law Programme in Oxford, and to visit UK institutions working on rights and development issues.

  • Sponsored the legal advisor to the Prime Minister to attend a Wilton Park conference, The challenges for governance in Africa.
The British Council in Malawi

  • Organised and funded a visit by three lawyers and one high court judge to study the new civil procedure rules in force in the UK following the Woolf report. The four delegates visited the Royal Courts of Justice and the county courts and also met with members of the Law Society of England and Wales.
The British Council in Chile

  • Sponsored a visit by staff from the National Prison Service to look at prison systems in the UK. The visitors also attended the Probation 2000 conference.

  • Arranged a visit by the Dean of the Faculty of Law, Diego Portales University, and the Head of the Legal Research Centre to look at legal education and research and to develop academic exchanges.

  • Supported a visit by the Minister for the National Women's Service to look at gender equality policies in government, as well as at local programmes and initiatives related to women's access to work, domestic violence and teenage pregnancy.
The British Council in the Caribbean

  • Sponsored a visit by a Jamaican education consultant to organisations involved in the development of citizenship education. She also attended a conference on resources for teaching citizenship in schools.
The British Council in Mexico

  • Funded a study tour for officials and NGO members to look at citizenís charter and best value issues in the UK.
The British Council in China

  • Arranged visit programmes to the UK for members of the China University of Politics and Law, and for the vice-chair of the Internal and Judicial Affairs Committee of the National Peopleís Congress, to look at UK experience and resources in human rights education.

  • Arranged a visit by a delegation of experts from various organisations to look at the incorporation of the Convention on Civil and Political Rights into Chinese law.

  • Arranged two visits by various professionals to look at how juvenile crime is addressed in the UK.

  • Arranged a visit of seven media professionals to look at the role of the media in the UK focusing on ethics, rights and responsibility, supervision and regulation and other relevant issues such as protection of privacy and copyright.

  • Arranged a visit by the China Law Society to learn about time limits in criminal procedure; a delegation which included the Vice-President of the Supreme Court to look at sentencing issues in the UK

  • Arranged a visit by marriage law specialists.
The British Council in Morocco

  • Arranged a visit by four staff from the Ministry of Education to look at the teaching of human rights in British schools.
The British Council in Sudan

  • Supported the participation of three candidates at seminars on violence against women to gain insight into strategies for dealing with violence.
The British Council in Spain

  • Supported a study tour by eight-to-ten public prosecutors to visit British counterparts in such institutions as the Crown Prosecution Service.
The British Council in Turkey

  • Sponsored a two-week study tour by 15 police officers from the Public Order and Anti-Terrorist Divisions of the Turkish National Police focusing on detention, interviewing and public order policing.
The British Council in Ukraine

  • Sent eight army lecturers on a study visit to Lancaster University to research and plan new law and human rights courses for the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

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