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Law: British Council activity in law

Legal training summary


Women's Legal Rights
Duration: September 1991 - August 1996
Objective: Implementing links between faculty of Law at Dhaka and East London University

China/Hong Kong

Legal Reform/Public Sector Reform
Duration: 1997/8
Objective: Providing British experience and practice in support of China's legal framework reform

China Law Association-Study visit
Duration: June 1996
Objective: Developing the role of lawyers as an independent self-regulating profession


Women, Law and Culture-British Council regional seminar
Duration: January 1996
Objective: Expanding the Council's in-country training programme


British Chevening Scholarships programme-Commercial Law
Duration: 1997/8
Objective: Strengthening local government

British Council International Seminars
Duration: 1997/8
Objective: Aiming to encourage cultural and scientific exchange


Women and Law-Indian workshop
Duration: April 1994
Objective: Strengthening Indo-British relations through programmes including Law

Indo British Legal Forum
Duration: June 1996


Jury Trials Training Project
Duration: April-July 1995
Objective: Familiarising High and Supreme court judges with procedures and administration

Gender, Law and Tradition Workshop
Duration: 1996
Objective: Familiarisation of developments in the area of women and the law at national and international levels


Legislative Drafting-pilot course design and delivery
Duration: April 1982 - March 1993
Objective: Improving the core skills of legislative drafters


Legislative Drafting
Duration: 1994
Objective: Managing, under contract, the Chevening programme to FCO satisfaction

Pakistan Law Week-British Law
Duration: January 1997
Objective: Promoting and increasing awareness of UK Law programmes and courses both in Britain and through Distance Learning.


The Rule of Law in Combating Terrorism and Organised Crime
Duration: June 1995
Objective: Encouraging a shared understanding of the issues faced by both State and the defence lawyers


Judiciary Study Tour
Duration: April 1996
Objective: Increasing recognition of British Council as a leading resource in government and law issues by March 1998


Judicial Training Project-capacity building
Duration: December 1994 - September 1998
Objective: Provide Ministry of Justice with full range of training required for judges, prosecutors, magistrates etc.







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