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Compiled by Ivor Shelley, July 1997


'This bibliography aims to provide sources of information about recent developments in governance in the UK. It focuses especially on changes and reforms in the British public sector over the past decade or so, although there are a few comparative texts. I have consulted widely among British academics and officials, but with lists of this kind, the final choice remains a personal one. Nevertheless, I hope that the bibliography will be a helpful guide to anyone seeking information on British governance in general or on particular aspects of the British public sector reform programme.'
Ivor Shelley, July 1997


Note on the Compiler

Ivor Shelley was for many years Director of UK Services at the Royal Institute of Public Administration. He is the author of the report for the British Council and Public Management Forum on Access to the UK Public Sector Reform Experience, October 1996, and is currently Secretary to the Working Group on Access to UK Governance, established by the British Council early in 1997 to take forward some of the recommendations which flowed from that report and from the meeting called by the Council to discuss it in November 1996.






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