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    Health Insight March 2001: Health in the news
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    Severe weather, transport accidents, foot-and-mouth disease in livestock, and uncertainty over the date of the general election. With issues like these dominating the news, healthcare has (unusually) taken a back seat in recent weeks, though there is no doubt that it will be a central issue when campaigning for the election gets fully under way see 'The politics of health'.

    It has nevertheless been an interesting month for health watchers. The long-term impact of the Alder Hey organ retention case, featured at length in last month's Health Insight, has received a great deal of attention see 'Alder Hey organs: the long-term implications'.

    Once again the health of the nation's children and teenagers has been in the news see 'Children's issues'. Another topic always of public interest is the links between diet and health see 'Food for thought'. Despite the level of interest in these matters, British adults and children are continuing to put on too much weight.

    We also have a number of stories on the government's relationship with NHS doctors and other NHS staff. A particular area of disagreement at the moment is the proposed new contract for consultants see 'Angry consultants'.

    And as for the weather a government report has considered the implications for the health service of the changing climate which, as everyone in the UK has seen lately, is leading to more stormy winters as well as hotter summers see 'Climate change and health'.

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