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Scotland - committed to good health

Launching the white paper, Towards a Healthier Scotland, Scottish health minister Sam Galbraith said he was 'sick and tired of Scots always being labelled the sick man of Europe'. The white paper is the result of consultation on a green paper, Working Together for a Healthy Scotland, published last year. The big killers of cancer and coronary heart disease remain clear priorities but in the white paper the health of young Scots has emerged as a third priority. The document calls for 'a sustained attack on inequality, social exclusion and poverty', and says that 'tackling inequalities has such importance that it should be regarded as an overarching aim.' The white paper also sets firm targets. For example, Scotland's high death rate from coronary heart disease (143 per 100,000 in 1995) is to be halved by the year 2010. It has received a warm welcome from doctors' and nurses; organisations and from the Public Health Alliance Scotland. Helen Tyrell, secretary of the Alliance, said she was pleased with 'the commitment to tackling poverty as the root cause of illness in Scotland'. The full text of the document is available on line at www.scotland.gov.uk

Scottish Office, Health Service Journal 25 February

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