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UK leads the way in diabetes care

Many years of cooperation between people with diabetes and diabetes specialists has forged a successful partnership, according to Professors Philip Home and Harry Keen writing in the International Diabetes Federation Bulletin. They emphasise the role played by the British Diabetic Association (BDA) which has taken both people with diabetes and healthcare professionals under its wing, giving the diabetes lobby strength, both in numbers and expertise. Thanks to the initiative of the BDA the Department of Health agreed to the establishment of a joint task force, with the purpose of considering various aspects of diabetes care. The BDA has served as a model for diabetes associations across the world. The two professors point out, however, that the quality of diabetes care still varies across the UK. They say it has become clear that better quality care is to be found in areas where there is good collaboration between health authorities, primary and secondary care providers, and patients themselves. New technology which makes it possible to monitor the quality of care being delivered should soon be in widespread use. There are now over one million people in the UK with diabetes. The BDA has recently highlighted the rapid increase in non-insulin-dependent diabetes; every five minutes one person in the UK is newly diagnosed with this condition, corresponding to over 100,000 people a year.

Sources:IDF Bulletin September; BDA News September

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