Issue no. 10

Issue no. 9

Editor's note

This newsletter describes some of the British Council's current work in Africa and should be made freely available to colleagues, sponsors and other contacts. If further information or contact addresses for our offices in africa are required, please ask

Barbara Stock on Tel: 0171-389-4831 or Fax: 071-389-4758 or in the UK or

Gillian Fernandes on Fax: (000)(254)(2)334875

in Africa
The twelfth issue is planned for June 1999. Please send contributions to Gillian by 15 May 1999


Inside this month's issue:

British Examinations in Africa

Nigeria's Resource Centre

British Council Teacher and Wife Imprisoned

Women's Training in South Africa

Ugandan Playwright Wins Young Writers Competition

Working with One World Online

Millenium Library Project

Reading and Writing in Malawi

Population in Eritrea

Paralegals in Kenya

English in Mozambique

Tanzania's Family Health Project

Horizon 2010

Do It Herself

Dying to Live

International Youth Day

Taxation in Tanzania

Women to Women

Netball in Malawi

Information in Mozambique

Baroness visits South Africa

Music from the Bundus

British Cultural Morning at Lycee Bilingue

Health Educators in Nigeria

Ethiopian Managers Visit Kenya

Capacity Building in Uganda

Building the Information Community in Africa






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