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The British Council is implementing a Knowledge and Learning Centre (KLC) programme to create a global network of enhanced conferencing, learning and knowledge opportunities. The programme aims to:

  • Make use of up-to-date technology
  • Engage with younger audiences
  • Integrate services offered overseas by the British Council
  • Give access to the latest UK based knowledge and learning products
  • Encourage new ways of working
  • Provide evidence of increased impact for the UK in overseas countries

Building on tried and tested methods of face to face interaction, this network will be a combination of physical and virtual services, with much of the initial investment going into technical platform, electronic content and service.

The Knowledge and Learning Centres will be targeted at young professionals and will provide a range of services including:

  • Internet access to the best UK Internet resources. This will enable users to get up-to-date information from the UK and allow participation in interactive debates and web forums
  • Videoconferencing facilities providing links with other Council centres and with UK and international partners, such as research institutions, think tanks, NGOs, and the private sector
  • Distance learning zones to support the delivery of UK distance learning overseas.
    The zones will contain relevant collections of electronic
    and print resources, provide access to the Internet and provide space for study and consultation.

The KLC network will deliver tailored content developed with local, UK and multinational partners and will provide opportunities for people in the UK to share ideas and experience with enthusiasts in other countries. The first KLC opened in New Delhi in January 2002. Our partnership with the World Bank supports this initiative.


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