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Question: Teaching slang

I'd like to teach my students some slang ...not swearing, because they're aged 12-16 and their teachers wouldn't be happy, but some colloquial terms and teen-speak. Does anyone have any ideas about how to do this?







It is a common request from students to do a lesson on slang. Teachers are also interested in new colloquial expressions and the latest slang. They usually mean the mainstream expressions that are used on TV and in the press. Textbooks just don't help with that. As you will know teen speak and student slang can change very rapidly but it is interesting to deal with teen speak as a topic.


I have done a class on this loads of times - the pupils love it as do the teachers. If you go onto the net and look up 'dictionary of English slang' in google it gives you a brilliant site. There are of course thousands of words so only pick out good ones - this will take you quite a long time. I then compile a list of normal words they should know, with various different slang options next to it. At the end of the lesson they have to make up mini role-plays using these words - which will be hysterically funny for you to listen to!


These are some useful sites that may help you find ideas for this.
A dictionary of English slang and colloquialisms.
This one's good for talking about cockney rhyming slang.
This is a really popular EFL site for teachers with lots of ideas on.
The British Council site for learners of English features work on colloquial expressions and slang.

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