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Previous websites of the week

These are the sites which were previously featured on the website of the week page. They were chosen by Clare Lavery and Nik Peachey.

Date Link Site description
13.02.04 Photo.spotlight This link takes you to a website which has a real treasure of images which can be used in class on worksheets or on websites. There are links to travelogues as well as lots of pictures from around the world and students can add comments to the pictures they like. They are also very copyright friendly.
06.02.04 John's ESL Community This link takes you to a website which is very rich in teaching resources. There is an area of the site for students where they can find lots of help information and exercises to print up or to do on the computer. There is also a teachers' area which has lots of printable materials all well categorised. The site also provides a free template for creating your own class website. Well worth a look.
30.01.04 This link takes you to a website which has collection of sites dedicated to language learning. They aren't just for learning English, but include links to a range of other languages. They are sorted both by language, culture and the types of sites they are. Well worth checking out for you and your students.
23.01.04 Thinking Approach This link takes you to a website called the 'Thinking approach'. It has materials and tasks which are quite varied and unusual and encourage students to think more and be more engaged in their language learning. If you register (it's free) you can get access to a wider range of the searchable materials, but there's still quite a lot available even if you don't register. Just look on the bottom right of the screen.
16.01.04 LearnEnglish Kids This link takes you to a British Council website which has a huge variety of materials for teenagers and younger learners. There are interactive exercises to do online as well as a range of materials that you can print up to be used in class. If you have older learners you could also try out the LearnEnglish area for adult learners.

09.01.04 ESL Go This link takes you to a website which has a range of online materials, quizzes and forums on which students can interact with others around the world and share their views on a range of subjects.
Cybershoolbus This link takes you to a website which is sponsored by the United Nations. It provides a wide range of teaching materials, activities and quizzes which can be done both on and off line. There are a number of activities designed around the theme of the World Summit on the Information Society too. Well worth checking out.
28.11.03 Kidzone This link takes you to a website that is packed with loads of things to do with your students. There are lesson plans on a whole range of subjects, printable activities, flashcards and even some magic tricks. If you're looking for something specific you can even go to the search page and easily find what you're looking for.
18.11.03 Guide to grammar and writing This link takes you to a website that is handy if you are worried about knowing grammar rules. Not exactly exciting stuff, but useful if you want to check up on stuff and quite easy to navigate.
11.11.03 Link2English This link takes you to a website that has been created by the publisher Mary Glasgow Magazines. The site has a collection of free games, magazine articles and lesson plans. For some of the lesson plan stuff you need to register and give an email address but it is still free and you get email up dates when there is new material to download.
04.11.03 Clipart for busy teachers This link takes you to a website that has links to a huge collection of really useful pictures and visuals that can be used for teaching purposes in class. They can be copied and pasted into Word documents and resized etc. Be sure though to honour the copyright restrictions that apply to the particular sites that are linked to.
27.10.03 School Discovery Puzzlemaker This link takes you to a website that has some useful tools for creating teaching materials. There is a range of tools for creating crossword puzzles and other word games. You just type in the content you want, click a button and it creates a printable puzzle. If you have a live connection you can even get students to create their own to test each other's vocabulary.
20.10.03 This link takes you to a website that has loads of links to lesson plans and materials. At the top of the home page there are three buttons which relate to levels and if you click on the button you'll be taken to a page of links to the material for that level.
13.10.03 Enchanted Learning This link takes you to a wonderful resource for people teaching younger learners. It is an online picture dictionary, bit it also has loads of materials that can be printed up and used in class either as flash cards or as activities. There are also a number of quizzes to use with students to help them explore the dictonary. I hope you enjoy this site.
05.10.03 teachingEnglish This is a link that I'm revisiting from the archive. The site now has a much wider range of materials. You can download complete lesson plans and materials to print up and use with your classes, as well as teaching tips and activities to try. For those of you with higher level classes there is also a feature called BritLit which has short stories with audio and teaching materials to exploit them. The site is updated every week so it's well worth visiting on a regular basis.
02.10.03 This link takes you to a page that has an excellent selection of 28 activities for primary and junior age children. They have been complied by Henk van Oort of Netherlands for the Humanistic Language Teaching Magazine. The site also has other areas of interest including lesson plans and articles and is well worth investigating.
16.05.03 Comprehensive range of direct links to lesson plans on the net. Includes on-line maps, sources of topical material, song lyrics, holiday lessons and much more.
09.05.03 Excellent ESL games community with creative, snappy activities, including free card making facility to print up guided pair games. Lots for low levels here, good fillers, and end of term fun.
02.05.03 Good resource of authentic texts on travel, including holidays. The space for comments on each article is useful for helping students give their opinions.
25.04.03 Canadian Association of language teachers. A brilliant gateway to practical links to songs, games, speaking etc.
18.04.03 Resources for exploiting The New York Times. Useful for higher levels, with lesson plans and guided discussion tasks.
11.04.03 Excellent source for background texts about music, including origins, influences and musical genres. Short biographical texts and fact sheets provide a basis for reading comprehension, dictation and discussions on students' favourite artists.
04.04.03 A very practical site for teachers of young adolescents and young learners. Freely downloadable worksheets, flashcards and conversation cards; activities for fillers, revision or fun!
28.03.03 The kids version of ask jeeves is a gateway to school-based resources, including US-based news sites, free visual resources, and lower and upper secondary materials.
21.03.03 An interesting resource for texts and topics. ‘Day in the life of…’ has unusual descriptions of every day lives. Stimulating job adverts and career pages for teenagers to talk about.
14.03.03 World wide Fund for Nature: Click on ‘just for teachers’ for secondary school activities and a resource bank for debates on environmental issues. 'Go wild UK just for kids' links to texts and fact files for discussions.
07.03.03 Brings issues in the news to your classroom. The Global Express magazine has background information, photocopiable activities and discussion questions.
28.02.03 Games to play with most levels of English. Free games gives clear advice on setting up and managing them.
21.02.03 Oxfam’s cool planet site provides a wealth of teaching resources with clear aims and step by step lesson plans.
14.02.03 Monthly web journal, a mine of practical ideas and activities.
05.02.03 An excellent source of scientific content to stimulate conversations in English.
29.01.03 CNN's student and teacher site gives lesson plans based on the latest news. Useful for older teenagers, young adults and higher levels.
22.01.03 A fascinating and fun site for all those involved in teaching and explaining new words.
15.01.03 An excellent collection of authentic texts, interviews, and articles created by school pupils across the UK and around the globe.
08.01.03 The British Council’s site for those who love football or need a sporting topic to jazz up a class.
13.12.02 Wide range of lesson plans, topic based worksheets, games and activities for all levels, plus teaching tips and a free monthly newsletter.
6.12.02 Site for EFL teachers with practical tips, classroom activities, and a ready made lesson plan each week.
29.11.02 Packed with curious facts and feature articles that will appeal to kids and teens alike.
22.11.02 Excellent kids version of the news magazine with a useful archive of lesson plans and teaching guides.
22.11.02 Excellent kids version of the news magazine with a useful archive of lesson plans and teaching guides.
15.11.02 A very practical resource with fun and usable lesson ideas.
08.11.02 A comprehensive collection of news articles, comment and opinions from UK journalists aged 8-18.
01.11.02 Issue based material reflecting the views of young people in the UK
25.10.02 Teen version of Newsweek, great for conversation topics for students from intermediate level up.
18.10.02 This site is geared towards learners but will give you food for thought.
10.10.02 One of the longest standing sites for English teachers on the net.
02.10.02 A well organised resource for introducing multicultural aspects of modern Britain, especially topics related to race and public attitudes. Includes teacher’s guide.
27.09.02 Excellent secondary resource uses accessible articles from The Guardian and The Observer for all ages and levels.
20.09.02 Comprehensive archive of lesson plans and materials. Plenty for getting students talking. Organised by level. Materials easy to find and download.
10.09.02 BBC site with the latest news articles and current issues of relevance to lower secondary.

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