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Literature Tours In Prospect outlines forthcoming tours and readings overseas by British authors either organised by, or in association with, the British Council. Overseas offices planning any tours and readings by British authors are asked to inform the literature department well in advance so that details can be included in this list.

Please note that all details in this list are subject to alteration.

Enquiries about the following list of tours should be addressed to:

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In this list, * indicates new information.


A L Kennedy, Glenn Patterson, Louise Doughty, Kate Clanchy, Diran Adebayo, and Simon Armitage to visit for participation in the Melbourne Writers Festival and for readings in other centres in Australia as part of the New Images series of events to highlight the modern and evolving relationship between Britain and Australia, October 1997.


*Anthony Thwaite to visit, to give readings, 14-18 October 1997.


*British writers to give readings and talks in Rio for four days, November 1997.


British Writers to take part in Harbourfront Reading Series, Toronto, October 1997.


*British Poet to judge National Schools Poety Competition, hold workshops and give readings and talks in Cairo and Alexandria, March 1998.


*Ian McDonald to take part in Finncon Science Fiction and Fantasy Conference, 16-17 August 1997.

*Three poets to tour Finland, January 1998.

*Stewart Home to be Writer in Residence for six weeks at University of Tampere, dates to be decided, 1997.


*A S Byatt and Louis De Bernieres to take part in Anglo-French creative writing workshop, Fragne-en-Berry, 15-20 July 1997.

British and French biographical writers to take part in a festival titled The Art of Biography, to coincide with the reopening of the Duff Cooper Library. The British writers are: Michael Holroyd, Margaret Drabble, Richard Holmes, Victoria Glendinning, Claire Tomalin, Artemis Cooper, Hermione Lee, Antonia Fraser, Hilary Spurling, Patrick Marnham, Ray Monk, Carole Angier, John Charmley. The French writers are: Michel Duchein, Annie Cohen-Solal, Francoise Chandernagor, Pierre Assouline, Marc Fumaroli, Oliver Todd, Andre Beau, Jean Denis Bredin, Ghislain De Diesbach, Maurice Lever, Alexander Lapierre, Edmonde Charles Roux, Jean Botherel, Alain Duhamel, Henri Louis De La Grange, Dominique Muller, Jean-Marie and Angela Maguin, Jean Lacouture, Paris, 17 - 21 November 1997.


*Pauline Melville to give reading at the University of Koblenz-Landau, 7 July 1997.

*Jane Rogers, Tim Parks, Pauline Melville, and Adam Thorpe to attend symposium Being British? at Erlangen University and Stutterheim Palais, 8-9 July 1997.

*Jane Rogers to give public reading at the British Council in Leipzig, 10 July 1997.

*Adam Thorpe to give reading at the University of Augsburg, 10 July 1997.

*Jo Shapcott to give public reading at Internationale Schule in Hamburg on the occasion of the 40th anniversary, 18 September 1997.

*David Baddiel to give public reading at the British Council in Cologne, 16 October 1997.

*Barry Unsworth to give public reading at the British Council in Munich, Cologne, Hamburg and Leipzig, 20-23 October 1997.

*Paul Bailey to visit Leipzig for readings and talks at Die Fahre Conference, October 1997.

*Ken Follett to give public reading in Munich/Bonn, October 1997.

*Sebastian Faulks to give public reading in Frankfurt and other venues, October 1997.

*A L Kennedy to give various readings at Gottingen University, Autumn 1997.

*Beryl Bainbridge to give public reading at British Council in Cologne and other venues, Autumn 1997.

*R McLiam Wilson to give public reading at Gasteig Centre in Munich, and the British Council in Cologne, 10-15 November 1997.

*A S Byatt, Tibor Fischer, Lawrence Norfolk, A L Kennedy, Philip Hensher, and John Fuller to attend Walberberg Seminar on contemporary British Writing at the Dominican Monastery in Walberberg, 22-25 January 1998.

*Ingred Noll, Sabine Deitmer, Gisbert Haefs, Jurgen Alberts, Mineette Walters, Val McDermid, Michael Dibdin and Colin Dexter to attend Prime Time Crime Time Anglo-German Crime Fiction Authors' Meeting, May 1998.


Jenny Uglow to give readings at ESSE Conference (European Society for the Study of English), Debrecen, September 1997.


Alastair Niven to chair Contemporary British Writing seminar with five writers, North India, February 1998


Sean O'Brien to be writer in residence at Hokkaido University for six weeks and to give readings at the British Council in Tokyo, September-October 1997.

British literature event to form part of UK98 arts festival to be held in 1998.

Bernice Rubens to visit to give talks and take part in seminar on her work, October 19 - 1 November 1997.

A S Byatt to visit for programme of readings and talks to be arranged from 25 October - 3 November 1998.


Rosamund Pilcher to visit Luxembourg for readings from her work, September 1997.


Adrian Mitchell and Alastair Niven to take part in Malawi Literature Festival, 25-30 July 1997.


Iain McMillan to visit to give reading and performance tour together with film crew from Yorkshire TV, October 1997.

New Zealand

British authors to attend the Listener Women's Book Festival, October 1997.


*Liz Lochhead, Bernice Rubens and other writers to attend Second Philippine British Literary Seminar hosted by the University of the Philippines, November 1997.


One British writer to visit to undertake workshops on writing for children, early 1998.


Margaret Drabble and Michael Holroyd to Co-Chair the Third Singapore Literature Seminar with Jim Crace, Liz Lochhead and Christopher Hampton, 7-9 November 1997.

Grace Nichols to be National Institute of Education/British Council Writer in Residence, 18 August - 6 September 1997.


Gillian Clarke and Maura Dooley to attend International Writers' Gathering, Vilenica, Ljubljana, 11-14 September 1997.

*Julian Barnes to visit to open the Literature Department Contemporary Novelists exhibition and to give a reading, October 1997.

South Africa

Russell Celyn-Jones to teach creative writing on the post-graduate and undergraduate programmes at the University of the Western Cape, 20 September - 1 November 1997.

Two British poets to attend Poetry Africa Festival, Centre of Creative Arts, University of Natal, 3-9 May 1998.


*One academic to attend the Narratives of Resistance Seminar in Almagro, 19-21 Nov 1997.

Muriel Spark and Tony Harrison to talk at Aedean conference, 18-20 December 1997.

*Gillian Clarke, Kathleen Jamie, Marina Warner, and three other writers to talk at the monthly Alcala de Henares Seminar Series on Contemporary British writing, October 1997 to April 1998.

*Sujata Bhatt, David Dabydeen, Atima Srivastava and Romesh Gunesekera to take part in Literature Between Continents: Translit '97 international conference on literature from non European cultures, 30 October- 1 November 1997.

*John Burnside to be guest poet on the summer course of the University of Vic, July 1997.

*Kate Atkinson to visit Barcelona and Madrid on publication of Behind the Scenes at the Museum in translation, 30 September- 2 October 1997.


Jamie McKendrick to be Writer in Residence at the University of Stockholm, Autumn 1997.

Tibor Fischer and Lawrence Norfolk to take part in the Gothenburg Book Fair, Friday 31 October 1997.


Abdulrazak Gurnah to visit Dar es Salaam to read from and talk on his work, 21-28 July 1997.


*Anthony Thwaite, George Szirtes, Julia Darling and Ian Duhig to tour Arizona for readings as part of the UK/AZ Festival, 1-10 October 1997.

*Jill Dawson to be British Council Writer in Residence at the University of Amherst, Autumn semester 1997.

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