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The British Council library has over 3,000 members, over 8000volumes on governance, media and journalism, contemporary British literature, education and management and fiction. A user-friendly catalogue (open access catalogue) enables users to retrieve by author, title and subject. We also stock several periodicals and a choice of British newspapers and provide separate study and reading areas.

InternetInternet Services

The British Council information service offers Internet and e-mail services with a printing facility to the general public at MK200 per half hour, K300 for one hour. Internet training is also available by special arrangement with the information manager,


Lending Library Services Video library

We have over 2000 home videos that can be borrowed by registered members. The collection includes comedy, drama, fiction, documentary and management


Membership fees

Membership is open to anyone above eighteen years and to institutions. Annual fees are:

Book Library: Video Library:
Ordinary MK500.00 Ordinary, MK1600, (K800 for 6months)
Country(resident outside Lilongwe), MK1000 Country(resident outside Lilongwe) MK1800.00 (K900 for 6months)
Corporate, MK3000 Corporate, MK3000.00


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