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We aim to keep you informed about news and events at the British Council and to let you know whom to contact when you want to find out more.

We include press releases from the past twelve months, so that you have a broad view of the many areas we cover. We also include biographies and photographs of the British Councilís Chair and Director-General, with a selection of their recent speeches, and brief details of each member of the Press and Public Relations team, with their contact numbers and areas of responsibility.

Our website has additional information about events and activities in the 110 countries where we work.

The two members of our press team operate a 24-hour response service - outside office hours you can contact either of them on their mobiles.

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Biographies of the Chair and the Director-General


Latest UK press releases
27 January 2004 - Iraqi university chiefs to discuss reconstruction
The reconstruction of higher education provision in Iraq is to be the subject of a symposium in London, attended by Chancellors and Vice Chancellors from fourteen major Iraqi Universities, announced the British Council today.

21 January 2004 - Farewell My Columbine!
Modern dance hits China as Rambert play Beijing, thanks to British Council.

15 January 2004 - Books for Iraq - British Council delivers
Ten tonnes of educational books and science journals destined for universities in Iraq will be arriving in Baghdad today, the British Council has announced.

13 January 2004 - British Council helps schools in Paris and London build strategies for cultural diversity
A diversity seminar confronting the difficult cultural issues that face schools in London and Paris, such as the use of religiously coded attire, will be hosted by the British Council on 12 and 13 January in London.

8 January 2004 - Iraqi Education Minister meets Britainís best teacher
The Iraqi Minister of Education, Dr. Ala-al-Din Abd-al-Sahib Alwan, will end his 7-9th January visit to the UK by meeting Nina Panayis, who was awarded the title of Britainís primary school Teacher of the Year by the Prime Minister.



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