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  The British Council creates and consolidates cross-cultural links and partnerships by organising over 20 arts events every year in Nigeria, to an audience of over five thousand. We reach out to many more on the Internet, on Radio, Television and newspapers and magazines. We bring together, in residencies, workshops and exchanges, artists and institutions from Britain and Nigeria.

On a regular basis, we host arts events around our Nigerian network. In the Garden, a programme which showcases the rich talent base of Nigerian artists in our Lagos office, will soon be featuring the many varied and wonderful talents that the Nigerian music scene is blessed with.

The Jubilee Dance Launch

The haunting sound of the African flute amidst the shadows of dimmed lights heralded what proved to be an exhilarating experience of the best of African dance depicting the flows and ebbs of the quest for power and identity in Nigeria. This sometimes haunting and other time energetic display of scintillating and poignant African dance was the central attraction as The British Council in Nigeria launched its Diamond Jubilee celebrations on Sunday July 20, 2003 at the Lagoon Restaurant in Victoria Island. The night of blazing lights, anecdotes, congratulatory speeches and reminisces had this extravagant display of African dance as icing on the cake of 60 years of excellence in Nigeria. 

While the elite audience was intermittently regaled with anecdotes from the comperes in their dated costumes, different personalities including the famous writer Cyprian Ekwensi reminisced on their contacts with the British Council over the years.Central to the night’s events was an exciting display of African dance authored and choreographed by H. Patten, a U.K. based choreographer specialized in African dance. The dance revolving around the theme "Unity in Diversity and Adversity" was the product of a two-week workshop of dancers chosen from different parts of Nigeria.

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