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Please note this database contains British Council in-print titles only. If you cannot find a publication, it may indicate that it is out-of-print.


Women in Science posters   Trends in Governance  A report for the British Council by Will Hutton   Studying and living in the United Kingdom
Posters featuring six young women talking about their lives as engineers and scientists   Trends in Governance - report for the British Council by Will Hutton   A guide for international students and visitors
Madame Yevonde: Be Original or Die
  Dame Beryl Bainbridge   21st Century Dandy will look at the British male rituals of dress from the individuality privileged by Savile Row to the tribal codes of contemporary club-culture  
Madame Yevonde - One of the first women to make successful use of colour technology in the UK   Contemporary Writers in the UK - profiles some of the UK and Commonwealth's most important living writers   21st Century Dandy - exhibition of contemporary British designers and brands  

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