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  • African booktrade Documentary Exhibition
  • Everyman Millennium Project
  • Special collection on publishing in Africa
  • University libraries in Africa

    African booktrade documentary exhibition

    On 4 December the British Council launched a documentary exhibition on the African booktrade, accompanied by a display of African books from the African Books Collective. These exhibitions demonstrate our commitment to supporting the development of indigenous African publishing and the creation of both South/South and South/North partnerships.

    While the Council has previously promoted African writers whose works have been published in Britain, this is the first time that we have created and shown an exhibition of books written by Africans and published in Africa.

    Both exhibitions were created for the recent Uganda National Book Week at which the presentation of the 1997 Noma Award took place. The UK launch took place at the Africa Centre with an invited audience of those individuals and organisations concerned with the dissemination of books in Africa.

    The documentary exhibition consists of seven panels produced by the British Council in conjunction with African Books Collective and Zimbabwe International Book Fair (UK) Ltd:

    They are available for sale singly or as a set.

    Cost: 15 each or 95 per set (price includes postage and packaging in the UK, contact Publishing Promotion for overseas postage rates).

    Further information may be obtained from:

    Julie Brett
    Publishing Promotion
    The British Council
    Bridgewater House
    58 Whitworth Street
    Manchester M1 6BB

    Everyman millennium library project

    The British Council is co-operating with Everyman in the presentation of 1,500 sets of a specially-produced Millennium Library to school, college and British Council libraries in a total of fifty-six Commonwealth and developing world countries. This forms an extension of the main project which will benefit every secondary state school in Britain.

    The project was approved in the third and final phase of Millennium Commission decisions on 13 November and will be implemented over a three-year period ending in the year 2001.

    Everyman's Millennium Library will comprise 250 outstanding examples of world literature in English spanning the classics, European works in translation and Commonwealth writers, in addition to mainstream English literature of all periods. It also includes some new titles of regional significance such as the Mabinogion and the Scottish Chaucerians. The Library represents the finest tradition of British book design and production and is printed on wood-free, acid-free paper.

    British Council offices overseas have nominated recipient libraries and are meeting all freight costs involved.

    Further information may be obtained from:

    Valerie Teague
    Publishing Promotion
    The British Council
    Bridgewater House
    58 Whitworth Street
    Manchester M1 6BB

    Special collection on publishing in Africa

    The Oxford Centre for Publishing Studies and the Oxford Brookes University are establishing a collection of reports, books, etc on 'Publishing in Africa'. Materials will be donated by CODE (Europe) and administrative and housing costs are being funded by a donation from the Paul Hamlyn Foundation. The collection, which will be known as the 'Paul Hamlyn Foundation/CODE (Europe) Collection', will be accessible to researchers, publishers and students by appointment.

    For more details contact Carolyn Turnidge, Assistant Subject Librarian at Oxford Brookes University or Paul Richardson Head of the Oxford Centre for Publishing Studies, at:

    Oxford Brookes University
    Gipsy Lane
    Oxford OX3 0BP
    E-mail: E-mail: Paul

    For more information on the Oxford Centre for Publishing Studies, visit their Web site at:

    University libraries in Africa

    A new report documenting the situation of eighteen African libraries in eleven African countries is available from the International African Institute priced £50, for three volumes.

    For more information contact:

    Diana Rosenburg
    International African Institute
    Thornhaugh Street
    Russell Square
    London WC1H 0XG
    Telephone/fax: +44 (0)1179 737915





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