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Why choose Education UK?

World class education
Living in the UK

Education UK FAQ's

UK is one of the many choices you have as an international destination for education. Please keep in mind the following advantages that UK can give you, when you are considering the future of your education

For its quality
UK education enjoys a reputation for unsurpassed quality throughout the world.
It emphasises pro-active, independent thinking and encourages skills that are relevant, marketable and much sought-after by top organisations around the world.

The UK researches and
develops more leading medicines
and drugs than the rest of the
European Community

For its choice
The UK offers a stunning variety and range of courses. Also on offer are hundreds of top class education institutions.

Over 180 institutions offering degrees
Over 500 further education establishments

600 plus boarding schools

And they all welcome students from abroad.

For you, this means a perfect mix and match of location, institution, course and fee - something that cannot be promised anywhere else in the world.

For the chance to study in English
Where better to learn the international language of science, business and politics than the country of its birth? There are enormous opportunities for over-seas students to learn English here, either by taking a specific language course or just by living in an environment where English is all round them. So not only will they receive a world class qualification, but they'll also be fluent in a language that will boost their career prospects the world over.

For the experience
Almost as important as the academic advantages of a UK education are the chances it offers to experience life in UK.
Quite simply, there is no better environment for overseas students to take hold of their future...and be the best they can be.

A third of all computer
games software is
developed in the UK

World class education

"In a world of life-long
learning, UK education is...
a first-class ticket for life."
The Prime Minister, the Rt Hon Tony Blair, MP

A tradition of being the best
The fact that a UK education is second to none should come as no surprise. With a history dating back almost 800 years, the UK way of learning has inspired education systems the world over and is still among the most valued and successful.

Teaching how to think, not what to think
UK education has always placed great importance on the ability of students to work independently and to develop their own thinking.
Learning isn't a one-way process in which students simply receive information from their teachers. Instead, they're encouraged to read widely, to research thoroughly and to question what they learn at every opportunity.

A personal approach learning
Classes and lectures are often supplemented by small, informal group tutorials in which students are free to exchange ideas and opinions with their teachers.

The result is that students emerge from a UK education not only with a thorough understanding of their subject but also with analytical abilities and problem-solving skills that are much prized by employers in later life.

Quality assured
The UK operates a unique quality assurance system that ensures accountability in all areas. From student support services to the quality of the teaching staff, every school, further education and higher education establishment is subject to rigorous scrutiny by the government.

This system allows students to compare the choice of courses on offer on a like-for-like basis, secure in the knowledge that each one has been assessed according to the same demanding criteria.

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Living in the UK

A valuable cultural experience
Life in the UK is the key to a more fulfilling present. The UK is a country under change: a vibrant, vital place, alive to new ideas and open to new influences.

True multiculturalism flourishes as diverse ethnic communities find their voice in the UK. In the arts, fashion, music and popular culture, the UK now inspires the world.

A culture of success
International students get closer to the heart of their subject in the UK.

Those studying the arts, for instance, do so against the backdrop of a design industry that is worth some £12 billion and which supports over 300,000 jobs.

Aspiring media professionals can seek direction from a film and television industry that commands a quarter of the European market.

And science and engineering students will be at home in the country that first split the atom, that successfully cloned the first mammal and that supports the work of leading scientific thinkers such as Steven Hawking and Brian Josephson.

The principle of
the world wide web
was invented in the UK

Support when they first arrive
All educational institutions in the UK understand the need to make international students feel at home and go out of their way to ensure this. Many universities guarantee accommodation in halls of residence for the first year, close to all the campus facilities. And most organise welcome meetings where students can familiarise themselves with their new surroundings.

In addition, counselling and special advice services are always available, while student unions and societies for foreign students also offer valuable support. But the best cure for homesickness - and the one that always works - is simply for students to get out and get involved with UK life in all its unique character, colour and diversity.  

The UK has produced
over 70 Nobel Prize
winners for science

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It costs less then you think
"How much will a UK education cost me?"
It is fair to say that people are often surprised at how affordable it can be. The cost of an education in the UK consists of two areas: course fees and living costs.

The cost of learning...
Comparing course fees between countries is by no means a clear-cut process.
Courses in the UK are often shorter, and as a result the total cost of study can be lower. Shorter courses also mean students can realise their earning potential sooner than their counterparts elsewhere. All of which makes UK courses better value for money overall.

The cost of living...
There are many benefits available to international students that can make life in the UK more affordable.

®discounts negotiated by the National Union of Students on behalf of their members. With up to 50% off anything from books, stationery and food to clothes, travel and entertainment, an NUS card can significantly reduce the cost of living. And all students are entitled to free NUS membership.

®All international students staying in the UK for a period of six months or more qualify for free healthcare through the National Health Service.

®And if you want to earn extra money, you can work for up to twenty hours per week during term and full-time in your vacations.

Whatever the final cost, it will be more than repaid in a world class education. And a future that will allow students to realise their full potential.

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Education UK FAQ's
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Tution fees and the cost of living

Choosing your boarding school

What can you study?

Recognised universities

Working in the UK

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