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Frequently asked questions

What is the Russian President's Management Training Initiative?

The Russian President's Management Training Initiative (RPMTI) is the British programme supporting management development and enterprise restructuring in Russia. It is designed to build on the training that managers receive in Russia as part of the 'Programme of Managers and Executives Training for Enterprises of National Economy of the Russian Federation', funded by the Russian Government ('the Presidential Programme'). Up to 540 managers will be selected to take part in the 45 week UK programme which consists of the following elements:

  • One-week management training course at UK business school
  • Two-and-a-half-week work attachment in UK company
  • One-and-a-half-day de-briefing workshop at the British Council, London
  • Coaching and mentoring support to some managers several months after the UK programme

RPMTI is funded by the Department for International Development in the UK and managed by the British Council.


Who is RPMTI for?

In order to apply for RPMTI, you should meet the following basic criteria:

  • Attended course as part of the presidential programme run by the Federal Commission
  • Speak and understand English
  • Work as a senior or middle manager in a Russian enterprise
  • Aged no more than 40 years old

Of course you also need to demonstrate at the application stage clear objectives of what you expect to achieve as a result of taking part in RPMTI.

What English language level do I need to pass the interview?

You will spend one week on a management training course and two and a half weeks at a UK company so you will need to speak and understand English to a reasonable standard to operate in this environment effectively.

How can I speed up the placement process?

It will be very useful for the placement team in London if you can bring to the interview a brochure about your company in English or Russian, or one A4 page of information about your company compiled by yourself. In addition, the following will be helpful:

  • A document-sized photo
  • An organogram of your enterprise attached to the application form
  • A clear view of the kind of UK company you would like to visit
  • Investigate whether your company has links with a UK firm
  • Compile a list of UK companies you are interested in visiting you can find this information on the Internet, in business directories or at the British Council information centres.

How do I apply?

If you want to participate in RPMTI, you must be a member of the presidential programme.

For more information on the application procedure and the training side of the programme, please visit www.informika

Once you have been accepted on this programme, there are two routes by which you can apply to RPMTI:

  • If you study in St Petersburg/Leningrad Oblast, Ekaterinburg, Rostov-on-Don, Samara, Nizhnij Novgorod or Kemerovo you can apply via your Regional Commission, filling in form 5a, developed by the Federal Commission (this form is also available at the informika website).
  • If you study in a different region, you can e-mail or fax us your application directly. Please use form 5a.

In order to become an RPMTI candidate you have to attend an interview with a British Council member of RPMTI, either face-to-face or, in exceptional cases, by telephone. The interviews are conducted in English, and usually last 25 to 45 minutes. You will be asked about the background of your company and your objectives in attending training in the UK.

How are the interviews organised?

If you study in the regions mentioned above, the interviews will be organised in your region. The schedule of interviews is usually agreed with your Regional Commission and takes place 1,5 months prior to your graduation from the Programme of Managers and Executives Training for Enterprises of National Economy of the Russian Federation.

If you come from other locations, you can visit our Moscow office at your convenience or, upon agreement, join the interviews in one of the regions mentioned above.

If you were late for the interview sessions in your region or a neighbouring one, this will not be a problem and we will arrange an interview for you.

If you were accepted on the Programme of Managers and Executives Training for Enterprises of National Economy of the Russian Federation as a piloter, you can apply to our programme immediately.

Please note that according to the rules of the Programme of Training Managers and Executives of the National Economy of the Russian Federation, you can only be listed with one donor organisation. In other words, you cannot apply to more than one programme at a time. All the application forms received are checked against the general Federal Commission database.

If you have any further questions on the application procedure please contact the RPMTI Russia team: Olga Limanova (Moscow), Anna Mazaeva (Moscow), Ludmila Vorobjova (St Petersburg). We look forward to hearing from you! We can accept your application forms throughout the year.


Where do I live when I go to the UK?

RPMTI participants stay in hotels or guest houses while in the UK.

How much money do I get for my subsistence?

An RPMTI participant gets subsistence on arrival to the UK, which covers his/her accommodation and other costs. In London it is 95GBP per day, elsewhere 75GBP per day. You will also receive a travel allowance to pay for travel in the UK.

What travel arrangements are made for the journey to the UK?

All our groups travel to the UK on a Sunday, but you will be required to attend the pre-departure briefing in Moscow on the Friday before leaving Russia. At the briefing you will receive welcome packs, useful information, as well as your tickets and passports with UK single-entry visas. You will be asked to submit your foreign passport to the British Council RPMTI Moscow team once your placement is confirmed. Please make sure that you have a valid foreign passport once you are accepted on RPMTI.


Where are managers placed in the UK?

Managers can be placed in any enterprise in the United Kingdom. Please note that the management training course always take place at either Wolverhampton Business School or Lancashire Business School (Preston) and the de-briefing workshop at the British Council office in London.

What happens after the interview?

After the interview, the British Council will inform you whether they will proceed with your application or not. The British Council will try to find work placements in UK companies for successful applicants. When it receives confirmation from the British company that it will host you, the British Council will confirm the timing of the programme with you.

How long can I expect to wait before being placed in a company?

On average it takes about three to four months after interview to find a suitable British company in which you can be placed. Normally the placement is organised within the next two months so the gap between interview and placement is generally about six months. Please note that the British Council unfortunately cannot find placements in UK companies for all managers. This is why you are encouraged to look at Business directories and the Internet to suggest names of UK companies you think would be relevant for your company.

What happens if I am not placed?

The British Council cannot guarantee finding a placement in a British company. The British enterprise itself needs to be convinced that the work attachment will be valuable as it receives no payment to take part in the programme. If the British Council has not found a placement after nine months, it will inform you that it will no longer actively seek a placement for you. It is still possible that the British Council will find a suitable placement for you although it is of course less likely.


Which business school will I study at?

You will attend the one-week management training course at either Wolverhampton Business School or Lancashire Business School (Preston). Both offer very similar courses and you will be informed which business school you will study at when you are offered a place on RPMTI.

What will I study at the business school

You will study a general management training course at the business school which looks at the following areas:

  • Strategic management
  • Change management and consultancy skills
  • Developing organisational competitiveness
  • Strategic marketing
  • Financial management overview
  • Human resource management overview

Further information on the respective courses can be found in the sections on management training.

What happens at the de-briefing workshop

You will attend the one-and-a-half-day de-briefing workshop in London at the end of the UK programme. The aim of the workshop is to draw together your experiences in the UK and help you to focus on implementing changes in your enterprise. You will also present your Performance Improvement Plan in which you outline changes and a project that you plan to make on your return to Russia.

What is a Performance Improvement Plan?

You will be asked to consider and fill in the Performance Improvement Plan (PIP) while you are in the UK on RPMTI. The PIP is the link between your own development during the UK programme and the development of a plan to benefit your enterprise. By the end of the UK programme, you will present your PIPs to the business schools which will outline the changes that you plan to make as well as a realistic project you will implement on your return to Russia. The PIP links closely with the coaching and mentoring support which will be given to some managers several months after they return to Russia. For further information, please refer to the section on Performance Improvement Plan


What happens after I return to Russia?

After the UK programme, you are expected to try to implement the changes and project outlined in your Performance Improvement Plan (PIP). We also hope that you remain in touch with your British host company. The British Council offices in Russia will stay in touch with you and is interested in the progress that you have made since returning to Russia. As a member of the British Alumni Club, you will be invited to events and activities organised by the British Council. You can also apply for coaching and mentoring support (see question on coaching and mentoring).

What is coaching and mentoring support?

Coaching and mentoring support is an integral part of the Russian President's Management Training Initiative (RPMTI) and will be given to 50 enterprises that have sent managers on the Programme. The aim of coaching and mentoring is to build on the progress that you have made during the training and work attachments in the UK and provides assistance in implementing aspects of the Performance Improvement Plans (PIPs) in your enterprises. The same business school in which you were trained (either Wolverhampton or Lancashire Business Schools) will also provide the coaching and mentoring support at your enterprise and each visit will last a maximum of two to three days. For further information, please refer to the section on coaching and mentoring.

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