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Support for the teachers and institutions
  Teacher training support sub-component

There has been a programme of training workshops for teachers involved in the programme. The workshops have been delivered by UK consultants representing York Associates, a private organisation specialising in business communication skills training and The University of St Mark and St John's (Marjons) International Centre (Intec).

Overall there have been twenty-five one-week workshops offered in many locations, from Vladivostok to Krasnodar and St Petersburg.

130 teachers have received from one to four weeks of training.

The training focuses on two major areas:

Key trainers were helped to develop a syllabus which responds to the particular communicative needs of their students. They also received training in the selection and adaptation of appropriate materials. Between and after workshops they had continued support from their consultant through e-mail.

The training of large numbers of Business English teachers giving classes on the programme has provided the core of the support. The primary focus has been on communicative approaches, the methodology of teaching professional communicative skills and how to use modern business English materials effectively. There has also been input on basic business concepts and on materials development, especially the development of self-access materials and the use of video.

The last event of this programme will be a major workshop/conference from June 26 to 30. Around 120 teachers and seven UK consultants will review the progress which has been made, share experience and ideas and make plans for the future.

Institutional support

Thirty institutions have received packages of books, audio and videocassettes to support the training programme. Institutions have also been visited by the consultant, to observe classes and give advice related to the materials, the syllabus and the organisation of the English programmes.

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