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Science news from Dublin

A Café Scientifique - Verse and universe

Venue Irish Writers' Centre
Speakers Maurice Riordan, co-author of A Quark for Mister Mark
  Sarah Maguire, British poet, botanist, broadcaster and lecturer at SOAS
  Pat Boran, poet and Director of the Dublin Writers' Festival
  Dr Paula Murphy of Trinity College, Zoology Dept
  Professor Iggy McGovern, physicist and poet

The event took place on Thursday 25 November to coincide with Science Awareness Week here in Ireland.

The theme, titled Verse and Universe, looked at the relationship between Science and Poetry with contributors reading their own and others' poems and speaking about their personal experience of science and poetry.

The rain beat against the windows, but fortified by wine and the ghosts of Irish writers that no doubt surrounded us, the discussion that followed was animated, provocative and enthusiastic - despite a small audience (the capacity was 80 and about 40 turned up). We hope to do a bigger and better one next year, but this wasn't bad for a first attempt, especially given the inclement weather and the competition from another event down the road starring Seamus Heaney and Vaclav Havel....

One of the participants, Sarah Maguire wrote afterwards,
"Thanks so much for inviting me over to Dublin for such a lovely and fascinating evening. I thoroughly enjoyed the event, especially the high-level of questions afterwards, and it was great to take part in such a warm, friendly and stimulating talk."

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