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In April 1953, Nature magazine published a paper by Francis Crick, a British scientist, and James Watson, a younger American colleague working with him at Cambridge University. They had worked out the molecular structure of DNA, the chemical substance found in the nucleus of every living cell. They showed that its double helix structure could both carry information and replicate itself. It was a discovery that would revolutionise biology. Read more about the story of DNA

In Britain and around the world, 2003 will see many events and activities to celebrate the pioneering collaboration of Crick and Watson. Their work, and that of many other scientists has profoundly changed our understanding of the basic processes of life. It has had a huge impact on medicine, healthcare and pharmaceuticals, safer food, improved crops, a cleaner environment, forensic science, and many other disciplines. British Council offices around the world are working with many individuals and institutions in the United Kingdom to celebrate this 50th anniversary. DNA50 portal will keep you up-to-date on current topics in several key areas of life sciences.


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