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Robotics UK

Robotics in the UK is exciting, vibrant, and at the cutting edge of research. Evidence of UK creative and technical abilities can be found in the established research groups of universities, but also in the garages of individual enthusiasts who put spare parts from discarded machinery to innovative uses. Robots created in the UK vary from the well-engineered aggressive combatants of Robot Wars, to robots designed to emulate living organisms, from simple ants to humans, and robots designed to solve real problems, such as gaining access to otherwise inaccessible sites. They can be found in research environments, in art galleries, in schools, in space, and even in farms. Amongst these pages you can find examples of all of these, characterised by the impressive resourcefulness and ingenuity of the UK Robotics community.

University Research groups in UK are involved in a wide variety of robotic research
RoBat, University of Edinburgh
RoBat, University of Edinburgh

Research Institutes and Independent Researchers : From Steve Grand's "Lucy" Project, to the Silsoe Research Institute and robotic milkmaids:

UK degree courses: Many UK universities offer undergraduate or MSc courses in Robotics, or Artificial Intelligence

Funding: Possible sources of funding for Robotics, and some examples of funded projects

  Robot Competitions and Competitors: Robot competitions in the UK include Robot Wars and Technogames.

Education, Resources and Entertainment: There are many interesting robotic resources to help you build robots, and robot building courses, as well as museums or robotic displays.

Art and Robotics: Some interesting fusions between art and robotics are beginning to appear.

Noel Sharkey's Flyborg
Noel Sharkey's Flyborg
  UK Companies: There are UK robotics companies that provide robotic kits, and some that provide customised solutions, or work on the development of service robots

Robotic Applications: A robot that can round up ducks, and a submarine that can explore under the ice shelves are two examples of robotic applications:

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