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Environment97 is continuing into 1998

On Thursday, 3 November 1997, Professor David Bellamy, Micheal Meacher (Minister for the Environment), and Sir Ronald Hampel (Chairman of ICI) did not speak at the world's largest environmental conference. Neither did an expected 20,000 delegates travel to or attend this event... and a very large bar did not serve any drinks.

How was this possible?

By not coming to Environment97, the world's first environmental cyber conference held entirely on the World Wide Web, massive amounts of fuel for travel to and from the conference was not used, avoiding significant environmental impact.

People learnt a new way of holding important conferences and discussions in a global sharing of knowledge on a scale never conceivable before... whilst saving what are possibly our most precious commodities: time and energy. Analysis of CO2 savings are shown on the Website proving that technology has a large role to play in lowering emissions into our environment.

The on-line discussion groups provide you with the opportunity to make your views known to politicians and industry leaders shaping the future of our planet.

Visit the site at:

Free training through the UK Telecommunications Academy

The United Kingdom Telecommunications Academy (UKTA) is offering free training courses to delegates from countries wishing to benefit from the knowledge and experience of the UK based communications industry. UKTA is based on the combined training capabilities and facilities of some of the leading telecommunications companies in the UK.

Trevor Hanham of British Telecom (BT) commented:

'The advent of the UKTA represents a very important initiative in the way that the Telecommunications industry in the UK can assist emerging carriers from many countries. The programme of courses has evolved since its first year to cover a wide range of training requirements both in specific engineering fields as well as commercial management. These skills will become ever more important to these carriers as the changes in the Global Communications market gather pace.

BT is pleased to be able to play an integral role in this programme. As Carrier Business Manager for East & West Africa, I have encouraged my African Carrier partners to take full advantage of the programme and look forward to its continuing development'.

For further information on training, funding and an application form please see our main section on Free training through the UKTA.

Science Insight

Science Insight is prepared by the Science Policy Research Unit (SPRU) for the British Council and comprises of a selection of news items drawn from a wide range of periodicals, newspapers, journals and press releases over the previous month. It is intended to reflect the diversity of viewpoints held within the UK.

The latest Science Insight covers news items taken from publications published throughout November and covers:






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