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The United Kingdom Telecommunications Academy (UKTA) is offering free training courses to delegates from countries wishing to benefit from the knowledge and experience of the UK based communications industry. UKTA is based on the combined training capabilities and facilities of some of the leading telecommunications companies in the UK and has the backing of the UK Government. A comprehensive portfolio of technical, commercial and strategic skills courses is available for executives, managers and technical operatives as well as for delegates from Government ministries. These comprise of modules ranging in length from two days to eight weeks.

The member-companies include a mixture of local, national and international network and service providers, equipment manufacturers, cable manufacturers, and providers of specialist equipment and applications. Together they have the potential to provide access to much of the knowledge and experience of the United Kingdom based communications industry. This knowledge and experience has been developed through the full processes of privatisation and deregulation, leading to a need to survive and prosper in one of the most open and competitive communications markets in the world, re-enforced by their position in the developing global market place.

The companies involved are:

The UKTA completed its first year of operation during 1996, providing nearly 100 course places to over 50 delegates from 24 countries, totalling nearly 700 days of free training. Further details can be found on the Summary of participating countries in 1996. The range and number of courses and places has been greatly increased for 1997.

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