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These Web pages have been compiled by the British Council to bring together the increasing number of taught courses available in the UK in the field of gender and development.

The courses have been arranged into five sections according to general subject area. The first section, gender and development: policy and practice, includes courses which concentrate on gender and development but which may contain aspects of the following four sections. Within each section courses have been listed by institution with longer courses lasting twelve months or more followed by those lasting three months or less. Overseas students applying to study in Britain will be expected to have a good command of written and spoken English. Most UK institutions require proof of competence in the form of an IELTS (International English Language Testing System) score. Where required, IELTS scores have been included in the booklet under entry requirements. For details of the IELTS test please contact your nearest British Council Office.

No details of part-time courses have been provided in this booklet as it is not usually possible for overseas students to study part-time in the UK.

Overseas students seeking funds to study in Britain should contact their local British Council office which will have information on scholarship schemes and useful directories.

The British Council has made every effort to ensure that the details in this publication are as accurate as possible Course details, fee levels etc change constantly and those wishing to study in the UK are advised to contact the institutions directly and not the British Council. Please see the institution address list for further contact details.

The British Council has endeavoured to make this Web page as comprehensive as possible but any course providers who wish their courses to be considered for inclusion can contact:

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