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Through women's eyes: gender and economic reform

The exhibition consists of a poster exhibition and resource pack on gender and economic reform. It was launched at the British Council in London on International Women's Day 1996 and continues to prove popular as a focus for workshops and seminars in many Council offices around the world.

The attractive poster exhibition gives definitions and explanations of gender, stabilisation, structural adjustment and transition to the market economy. It shows that economic reform works through people, and that the effects of economic reform programmes are not gender-neutral. Using research conducted by the World Bank, the United Nations Development Programme, international development NGOs and academics renowned in this field, the materials present viewers with illustrative examples and much food for thought. A matching leaflet reproduces the poster text, for viewers to take away.

The resource pack provides background information and expands further the issues of gender and economic reform raised in the posters. It is for use by both British Council staff and their partners, academics, researchers, policy-makers and staff at other levels in all sectors of government and in local and international NGOs. A bibliography gives details of relevant publications, both region-specific and more general. The poster set and resource pack come together as a package, although either can be used independently.

In response to suggestions from overseas offices, the resource pack comes as one master pack (wallet plus contents), and a set of empty wallets. Overseas offices can reproduce the contents cost-effectively and distribute them among contacts. A Spanish version of both posters and resource pack is available; for countries where neither English or Spanish is a main language, translating the resource pack into the local language(s) is strongly encouraged.

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