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5.2 Drama and Film
  Aitken, Ian
Film and Reform: John Grierson and the Documentary Film Movement
undergraduate, postgraduate level
Routledge: 09 1992
256pp 234 x 156: 17 b&w photographs, bibliography
Series: Cinema and society
In underlining the link between film and reform, Aitken clarifies the meaning and significance of the ideas of John Grierson, maker of such documentaries as "Drifters", "North Sea" and "Housing Problems", and the historical role of the documentary film movement.
Paperback ISBN:0 415 08121 1 12.99

Branagh, Kenneth
Henry V
general level
Sony: 1989
Video 131mins
Former playboy Henry decides to change his image now he is King and have claim to France. The men of England unite and agree to march on France. Henry having successfully dealt with an assassination attack, routes his followers as they stand by ready to meet the French cavalry. For Sale.
Video ISBN:6200573840 Price on application

Brandy, Leo
Native Informant: Essays on Film, Fiction and Popular Culture
general level
Oxford UP: 03 1991
Hardback ISBN: 0 19 505274 9 35.00

Callow, Simon
Being an Actor
general level
Penguin Books: 1995
256pp 198 x 129
Simon Callow provides a gloomy assessment of the state of British theatre. He describes the decline of ensemble playing, a lack of training for young actors and "brochure theatre" where novelty replaces substance, and warns that without attention to stagecraft, British theatre will surely die.
Paperback ISBN:0 14 023925 1 6.99

de Jongh, Nicholas
Not in Front of the Audience: Homosexuality on Stage
undergraduate, postgraduate level
Routledge: 03 1992
A pioneering study of the theatre's treatment of homosexuals and homosexuality from the 1920s to the present day. Only in the 60s did theatres confront heterosexual prejudice and in the wake of AIDS, the issue is once again highly charged.
Paperback ISBN:0 415 03363 2 9.99

Friedman, Lester (Ed)
British Cinema and Thatcherism: Fires Were Started
professional level
UCL Press: 1993
344pp 234 x 156
An analysis of the connections between British film in the 1980s and the policies and political ideology of the government of Margaret Thatcher. The book establishes the unique relationship between Thatcher's policies and the filmmakers who invigorated the British cinema of the 1980s.
Hardback ISBN:1 85728 072 5 38.00
Paperback ISBN:1 85728 073 3 14.95

Higson, Andrew
Waving the Flag: Constructing a National Cinema in Britain
undergraduate, professional level
Clarendon Press: 01 1995
360pp 235 x 155: 8pp plates, bibliography
This wide ranging survey of the concept of a British "national" film industry combines detailed analyses of film texts from the early 1920s to the 1940s with studies of industrial and cultural contexts. It also explores the domination of Hollywood for so many years.
Hardback ISBN:0 19 812369 8 42.50

Lacey, Stephen
British Realist Theatre: the New Wave in its Context 1956-1965
undergraduate, professional level
Routledge: 09 1995
224pp 216 x 138
The British "New Wave" of dramatists, actors and directors in the late 1950s and 1960s created a defining moment in post war theatre. This introduction to the New Wave, provides historical and cultural backgrounds of this era, and includes material on Osborne, Pinter, Bond and Delaney.
Hardback ISBN:0 415 07782 6 35.00

Peacock, D. Keith
Radical Stages: alternative History in Modern British Drama
undergraduate, postgraduate level
Greenwood Press: 1991
Series: Contributions in Drama and Theatre Studies, No 43
Examines the evolution of British historical drama from John Osborne's "Look Back in Anger" to the 1980s. The author analyzes how the revolutionary and social movements of the period are reflected in its historical drama and speculates on its future in the changing political climate of the 1990s.
Hardback ISBN:0 313 27888 1 39.95

Stead, Peter
Film and the Working Class
undergraduate, professional level
Routledge: 1991
296pp 216 x 138
Series: Cinema and Society
Explores British and American depictions of the working class from the 1890s to the age of James Bond and Rambo. As well as films specifically concerned with working class issues, Stead analyzes the debate on both sides of the Atlantic about the social significance of the feature film.
Paperback ISBN:0 415 06519 4 12.99

Turner, Graeme
Film as Social Practice
undergraduate, postgraduate level
Routledge: 10 1993
208pp 216 x 138: Illustrations
Series: Studies in Culture and Communication
Contemporary perspectives on the cinema, including theories of structuralism, Marxism and feminism, are explained, and their applications tested against classics of popular film, including "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid" .
Paperback ISBN:0 415 09272 8 10.99

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