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5.3 Writing
  Bergonzi, Bernard
Exploding English
professional level
Clarendon Press: 04 1991
250pp 215 x 140: Bibliography, index
Utilizing elements of critical theory, intellectual history and the sociology of knowledge, the author of this treatise traces recent developments and resulting controversies involved in the teaching of English.
Paperback ISBN:0 19 811261 0 12.99

Bloom, Clive (Ed.)
Creepers: British Horror and Fantasy in the 20th Century
Pluto Press: 08 1992
Paperback ISBN:0 7453 0665 9 9.95

Bradbury, M. (Ed.)
Penguin Book of Modern British Short Stories
postgraduate level
Penguin: 02 1988
A selection of stories by popular writers.
Paperback ISBN:0 14 006306 4 6.99

Burgess, Anthony
English Literature: a Survey for Students
general level
Longman ELT: 09 1974
288pp 210 x 162
Paperback ISBN:0 582 55224 9 14.17

Carter, Ronald & McRae, John
The Penguin Guide to English Literature: Britain and Ireland
ELT intermediate level
Penguin: 03 1996
256pp 234 x 153: Charts, tables
Dewey class: 428.64
A revised version of "The History of Literature in English", this book is aimed at students of EFL at intermediate level. It has eight short chapters on literature from 500 AD to the present.
Paperback ISBN:0 14 081595 3 9.00

Connor, Steven
The English Novel in History, 1950 to the Present
undergraduate, postgraduate level
Routledge: 10 1995
344pp 216 x 138
Series: the Novel in History
Steven Connor provides an in depth discussion of the contemporary novel and its relationship with its own form, with contemporary culture and with history, ranging from George Orwell and Angela Carter to Timothy Mo and Hanif Kureishi.
Hardback ISBN:0 415 07230 1 40.00
Paperback ISBN:0 415 07231 X 12.99

Crick, Bernard
Essays On Politics and Literature
Edinburgh UP: 1989
272pp: Index
Dewey class: 820.80358
Hardback ISBN:0 85224 621 8 39.50
Paperback ISBN:0 7486 0105 8 14.95

Hill, Susan (Ed)
The Penguin International Anthology of Modern Women's Short Stories
general level
Michael Joseph: 0
2 1995 384pp 216 x 135
The second volume of short stories by modern women to be selected by Susan Hill. The authors include Leonora Brito, Sylvia Plath, Janet Frame, Angela Carter and Margaret Atwood.
Hardback ISBN:0 7181 3628 4 15.99

Lodge, D.
Modern Criticism and Theory: a Reader
undergraduate level
Longman: 09 1988
Paperback ISBN:0 582 49460 5 18.99

Lucie-Smith, Edward (Ed)
British Poetry since 1945
undergraduate level
Penguin Books: 1991
432pp 198 x 129
This revised edition contains new sections which recognize the increased influence of the Northern Irish and "university" poets, and, throughout, the commentaries aim to render each poet Larkin, Hughes, Porter, Heaney, Fenton, Raine, among others immediately accessible.
Paperback ISBN:0 14 058564 8 7.99

Ousby, Ian
The Cambridge Guide to Literature in English
undergraduate, general level
Cambridge UP: 10 1993
250pp 247 x 174: 115 halftones
This is the 2nd edition of the guide to literature written in English. It covers all the major novelists, poets and dramatists from Shakespeare, Milton, Wordsworth, Austen, Dickens and Conrad to contemporary writers from all over the English speaking world, such as Saul Bellow, and Janet Frame.
Hardback ISBN:0 521 44086 6 24.95

Ousby, Ian (Ed)
Cambridge Concise Guide to Literature in English
undergraduate, research, professional level
Cambridge UP: 03 1996
444pp 233 x 157
Derived from the "Guide to Literature in English", this volume offers in concise form over 4000 entries on literature in English from cultures throughout the world. Writers and major works from the UK and the USA are represented, along with those from Canada, the Caribbean and other countries.
Paperback ISBN:0 521 43627 3 9.95

Pykett, Lyn
Engendering Fictions: Discourses of Gender and the Contexts of Early Twentieth Century Fiction
undergraduate, postgraduate level
Edward Arnold: 02 1995
224pp 234 x 156: Notes, index
Offers a re examination of the dawning of the age of modernism, exploring its origins in certain 19th century discourses: discourses about women, discourses about gender, and other discourses that are organized in gendered terms.
Paperback ISBN:0 340 56277 3 13.00

Royle, Trevor
Mainstream Companion to Scottish Literature
general, undergraduate level
Mainstream: 08 1993
352pp 234 x 156
A guide to Scottish literature from the earliest times to the present day. It includes over 600 essays on the lives and works of the principal poets, novelists and dramatists, critics and men and women of letters who have written in English, Scots and Gaelic.
Hardback ISBN:1 85158 547 8 20.00

Shattock, Joanne
The Oxford Guide to British Women Writers
general, undergraduate level
Oxford UP: 05 1993
444pp 216 x 138: Bibliography
This introduction to British women's writing, from the earliest times to the present day, ranges across novelists, poets, playwrights, historians, scientists and translators. It covers, in an A-Z sequence, the lives and works of 400 writers in detail.
Hardback ISBN:0 19 214176 7 19.95

Sinfield, Alan
Literature, Politics and Culture in Postwar Britain
undergraduate, professional level
Blackwell Publishing: 08 1989
360pp 234 x 156: Index
Dewey class: 941.085
This study of British culture through five decades synthesizes literary, historical and theoretical approaches, addressing particularly points where English literature intersects with its defining others jazz and rock music, television, journalism and "mass" cultures.
Paperback ISBN:0 631 16883 4 13.99

Verdonk, Peter & Weber, Jean Jaques
Twentieth Century Fiction: from Text to Context
undergraduate, postgraduate level
Routledge: 06 1995
272pp 216 x 138
Series: Interface
By applying recent trends in literary and language theory to a range of 20th century fiction, the contributors to this text make new theoretical insights available to student readers. The essays look at a wide range of 20th century authors, including Fowles, Forster, Lessing and Woolf.
Paperback ISBN:0 415 10590 0 12.99

Wynne Davies, Marion (Ed)
Bloomsbury Guide to English Literature
general level
Bloomsbury: 1989
240 x 159: 150 illustrations, chronology This reference book includes an A-Z section with over 5000 detailed entries, 12 essays on the historical and social context of English literature, contemporary critical approaches to literature, medieval literature, and the history and development of main genres.
Hardback ISBN:0 7475 0169 6 19.95

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