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6.2 Practice

Ager, Dennis(Ed) & Muskens, George(Ed) et al
Language Education for Intercultural Communication
postgraduate, professional level
Multilingual Matters: 03 1993
213pp 240 x 165
Series: Multilingual Matters, No 96
Through case studies on multicultural and multilingual education in contemporary Europe, this book aims to identify common problems with different approaches and solutions. The editors propose measures useful in policy formulation. Hardback ISBN:1 85359 190 4 35.00
Paperback ISBN:1 85359 204 8 11.95

BBC Essential English Guide to Britain: Study Set
ELT intermediate level
BBC English: 1990
96pp + PAL VHS 60 minute video
Offers a complete information package for visitors and potential visitors to Britain. The video and accompanying book offer an introduction to English for intermediate level. It looks at places and events visited by a young couple travelling around Britain. Also available in bilingual versions.
ISBN:1 85497 200 6 21.80

Bromhead, Peter
Life in Modern Britain
ELT advanced level
Longman ELT: 1991
208pp 234 x 156
Designed for advanced students of English, this reader provides a source of information about present day British life and institutions.
Paperback ISBN:0 582 03642 9 10.00

Budd, Roger & Arnsdorf, Dieter et al (Eds)
The European Dimension in Pre- And in-Service Language Teaching Development: New Directions
professional, postgraduate level
Multilingual Matters: 1994
143pp, 210 x 148mm
Examines current practice in language teacher training in Europe, from innovative transitional teacher development programmes to the value systems underlying foreign language teacher training.
Paperback ISBN:1 85359 242 0 8.95

Byram, Michael(Ed)
Culture and Language Learning in Higher Education
research, postgraduate level
Multilingual Matters: 03 1994
112pp 240 x 165
Dewey class: 371.97
Learning a foreign language involves cultural learning. This book brings together the experience of teachers and learners who are engaged in cultural studies, in ethnographic methods in cultural learning, in project based work, and in the analysis of cultural learning and "culture shock".
Paperback ISBN:1 85359 228 5 14.95

Byram, Michael & Morgan, Carol
Teaching and Learning Language and Culture
professional level
Multilingual Matters: 03 1994
228pp 210 x 148: appendices, bibliography,
references, index
Dewey class: 306.449
Series: Multilingual Matters, No 100
Increasingly, cultural learning is seen as an integral part of foreign language learning. This book offers a practical introduction to the issues by providing descriptions of classroom practice, of curriculum innovation and of experimental courses.
Hardback ISBN:1 85359 212 9 39.00
Paperback ISBN:1 85359 211 0 13.95

Carel Press
Essential Articles 1, 2, 3, 4
Carel Press: 1990
Essential Articles 1
Hardback ISBN:1 872365 04 3 29.95
Essential Articles 2
Hardback ISBN:1 872365 12 4 35.00
Essential Articles 3
Hardback ISBN:1 872365 20 5 39.95
Essential Articles 4
Hardback ISBN:1 872365 34 5 45.00

Carel Press
Fact File 1997
Carel Press
Hardback ISBN:1 872365 36 1 37.50

Carel Press
Inside Information 1
Carel Press
Hardback ISBN:0 950909 64 5 24.95
Inside Information 2
Hardback ISBN:0 950909 65 3 24.95

Carel Press
Novel Ideas: Copiable Fictionfile
Carel Press
Hardback ISBN:1 950909 67 X 29.95

Dutton, Brian
Media Studies: an Introduction
undergraduate, postgraduate level
Longman Education: 04 1995
This is an introduction to media studies.
Paperback ISBN:0 582 24615 6 13.48

Escott, John & Bassett, Jennifer
Oxford Bookworms Factfiles: London
ELT general level
Oxford UP ELT: 01 1996
24pp 210 x 160: Illustrated in colour
Dewey class: 428.64
Series: Oxford Bookworms Factfiles. Stage 1
Part of a sub series of "Bookworms", this programme provides factual, non fiction reading for English language students.
Paperback ISBN:0 19 422801 0 1.85

Farthing, Matthew & Pulverness, Alan
Multilevel Short Course Programme
ELT intermediate level
Phoenix ELT: 04 1993
Dewey class: 428.34
Four level programme for learners coming to Britain to learn English. It encourages students to develop language skills through observation and discussion of things in everyday life around them. The cassettes feature native and non native speakers.
I. Expectations
Student book
Paperback ISBN:0 333 61795 9 7.25
Teacher's book
Paperback ISBN:0 333 61796 7 7.50
Cassette ISBN:0 333 61797 5 8.50

II. Impressions
Student book
Paperback ISBN:0 13 404427 4 7.25
Teacher's book
Paperback ISBN:0 333 57840 6 7.50
Cassette ISBN:0 13 404559 9 8.50

III. Observations
Student book
Paperback ISBN:0 13 404567 X 7.25
Teacher's book
Paperback ISBN:0 13 404575 0 7.50
Cassette ISBN:0 13 404583 1 8.50

IV. Reflections
Student book
Paperback ISBN:0 13 404591 2 7.25
Teacher's book
Paperback ISBN:0 333 57846 57.50
Cassette ISBN:0 333 57847 3 8.50

Ghuman, Paul A. Singh
Asian Teachers in British Schools: a Study of Two Generations
postgraduate, professional level
Multilingual Matters: 01 1995
130pp 210 x 148: References
Series: Multilingual Matters, No 105
Focuses on the concerns personal and professional of Asian teachers of two generations: the "older" generation who migrated to Britain during the 1960s and 1970s; and the "younger" generation, the majority of whom were born and educated in the UK.
Hardback ISBN:1 85359 261 7 39.00
Paperback ISBN:1 85359 260 9 11.95

Ghuman, Paul A. Singh
Coping with Two Cultures: British Asian and Indo Canadian Adolescents
research, professional level
Multilingual Matters: 10 1993
190pp 210 x 148: References, appendix
Series: Multilingual Matters, No 99
Deals with the bicultural identities of Asian young people at school in Birmingham (UK) and Vancouver. The first chapter discusses the history, religion and culture of the people from the Indian sub continent. It then provides analysis and discussion of data obtained through interviews.
Hardback ISBN:1 85359 202 1 35.00
Paperback ISBN:1 85359 201 3 11.95

Giles, Judy
Writing Englishness: an Introductory Sourcebook
general, undergraduate level
Routledge: 11 1995
Paperback ISBN: 0 415 11442 X 13.99

Harris, Stephen
Longman GCSE Revise Guide: Sociology
secondary level
Longman: 04 1994
208pp 297 x 210
Series: Longman GCSE Revise Guides
Contains a syllabus breakdown and analysis. There is examiner commentary throughout plus exam questions and specimen answers. Typical student's answers with examiner's opinion and comments are included. Coursework preparation and presentation is also covered.
Paperback ISBN:0 582 22651 1 8.99

Lavery, Clare
Focus on Britain Today
ELT secondary level
Phoenix ELT: 02 1994
Dewey class: 428.64
Developed for students at secondary level who are required to learn about British "civilization" as part of their language studies. It uses up to date information and communicative methodology to provide practice based on those aspects of the country in the 1990s which are relevant to learners.
Student's book
Paperback ISBN:0 13 401662 9 7.50
Teacher's book
Paperback ISBN:0 333 59789 3 7.95
Cassette ISBN:0 333 61652 9 17.00

Mclean, Alan C.
Profile UK
ELT intermediate, advanced level
Heinemann Educational: 1993
Providing background material for ELT students, this book takes a look at contemporary Britain and the British through authentic reading passages and follow up language activities. Language activities give help with understanding and acquiring key vocabulary.
Paperback ISBN:0 435 28038 4 8.75

Marsden, Bob & McIver, Nick
People and Places: Study Set PAL - VHS
ELT intermediate level
BBC English: 1990
2 videos, coursebook, teacher's guide
Video ISBN:1 85497 158 1 19.45

Masterman, Len
Teaching the Media
undergraduate, postgraduate level
Routledge: 1986
220pp 2nd edition
Series: Comedia
Paperback ISBN:0 415 03974 6 10.99

Musman, Richard
Britain Today
ELT intermediate level
Longman ELT: 1989
160pp 234 x 156
Series: Longman Background Books
A revised and updated look at life in contemporary Britain seen through the eyes of the British people. Major topics such as education, government, religion and sport are shown in context of the lives of British people who are seen at home, at work and at leisure.
Paperback ISBN:0 582 74930 1 8.50

Nation, Michael (Ed)
A Dictionary of Modern Britain
general level
Penguin Books: 1991
Series: Penguin English
Contains 650 entries on many aspects of modern Britain. The book goes beyond the Beefeaters and Buckingham Palace approach. It takes a controversial attitude to the Royal Family and Oxbridge as well as giving an official perspective on institutions like the BBC.
Paperback ISBN:0 14 081013 7 5.50

Nolasco, Rob & Medgyes, Peter
When in Britain...: Task Based Activities for Learning English: Student's Book
ELT intermediate level
Oxford UP ELT: 11 1990
Designed specifically for students of English who have already studied for two or more years, this task based book focuses on communicative skills. The text deals with everyday aspects of life in Britain, ranging from table manners and eating habits to sports, animals and automobiles.
Paperback ISBN:0 19 432291 2 4.70
Cassette ISBN:0 19 432293 9 9.50

Room, Adrian
An A to Z of British Life
ELT intermediate level
Oxford UP ELT: 10 1990
Charts, maps, index
Interesting, puzzling or amusing aspects of life in contemporary Britain are explained in over 3000 alphabetically arranged entries, providing up to date information on the media, sport, entertainment, people in the news, food, education, art, historical events and important places.
Paperback ISBN:0 19 431144 9 10.65

Selby, Keith & Cowdery, Ron
How to Study Television
advanced secondary, undergraduate level
Macmillan Press: 01 1995
256pp 216 x 138: Illustrations, further reading
Series: How to Study Literature
With this book, students should be able to analyze and discuss any television programme or genre. There are chapters on each of the major forms of TV ouput, as well as advice on researching, preparing and presenting a project for Media and Communication Studies. There is a glossary of technical terms and phrases used in the study of the media.
Paperback ISBN:0 333 56965 2 8.99

Sheerin, S. et al
Spotlight on Britain
professional level
Oxford UP: 04 1990
144pp: Colour illustrations: 2nd edition
This textbook for young adult students of English provides valuable background material on life in Britain.
Paperback ISBN:0 19 432788 4 7.00

Young, Robert (University of Sydney)
Intercultural Communication: Pragmatics, Genealogy, Deconstruction
undergraduate, professional level
Multilingual Matters: 01 1996
224pp 210 x 148
Dewey class: 303.482
In a world characterized by increased migration, travel, international co operation and ethnic conflict, this volume reviews intercultural communication and action. Contributions from cultural anthropology, behavioural science, critical theory, philosophy and postmodern thought are examined.
Hardback ISBN:1 85359 286 2 43.00
Paperback ISBN:1 85359 285 4 12.95

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