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British Studies bibliography - index by author F-N
  Fairclough, Norman (University of Lancaster)
Farthing, Matthew & Pulverness, Alan
Featherstone, Mike
Feist, Andrew & Hutchison, Robert
Ferris, Paul
Fiske, John
Fiske, John
Fiske, John
Fitzgerald, Mike & McLennan, Gregor
Foster, Janet
Fowler, Bridget
Fowler, Roger
Francis, Leslie J. & Lampeter, Kay William et al
Francis, Leslie J. & Lampeter, Kay William et al
Fraser, Nancy
Frears, Stephen
Friedman, Lester (Ed)
Frith, Simon
Frith, Simon & Goodwin, Andrew
Fyfe, Alec & Figueroa, Peter (Eds)
Gascoigne, Bamber
Gaunt, William
Geertz, Clifford
Gellner, Ernest
Ghuman, Paul A. Singh
Ghuman, Paul A. Singh
Gilbert, Martin
Giles, Judy
Giles, Judy & Middleton, Tim
Gilroy, Paul
Giulianotti, Richard & Bonney, Richard (Eds)
Glancey, Jonathan
Goffman, E.
Graddol, David(Ed) & Swann, Joan(Ed)
Grant, L.F.
Grant, Wyn
Grant, Wyn
Gray, Ann
Gray, John
Green, Gayle & Kahn, Coppelia (Ed.)
Greer, Germaine
Gregson, Nicky & Lowe, Michelle
Grossberg, Lawrence(Ed) & Nelson, Cary(Ed) et al
Giulianotti, Richard & Bonney, Richard (Eds)
Gundara, Jagdish(Ed) & Duffield, Ian(Ed)
Gurevitch, Michael & Bennett, Tony et al (Eds)
Hadfield, Brigid(Ed)
Haigh, Christopher(Ed)
Hall, Phillip
Hall, Stuart
Hall, Stuart & Critcher, Charles et al
Halsey, A.H.(Ed)
Hardyment, Christina
Hargreaves, John
Harris, Stephen
Harris, Tim (Ed)
Hartley, John
Harvie, Christopher
Harvie, Christopher
Harvie, Christopher
Haydon, Peter
Healey, Denis
Healey, Denis
Hebdidge, Dick
Hebdidge, Dick
Hennessy, Peter
Hertz, L.
Hetherington, Alastair
Higson, Andrew
Hill, Susan (Ed)
Hiro, Dilip
Hobhouse, L.T. & Meadowcroft, James(Ed)
Hobsbawm, E.J.
Hobsbawm, Eric
Holland, Robert
Holt, Richard
Hood, Stuart (Ed)
Hopkins, Eric
Hornby, Nick
Hoskins, W.G. & Taylor, Christopher (Eds)
Howe, Adrian
HRH The Prince of Wales
Hudson, Ray & Williams, Alan
Hughes, Eamonn(Ed)
Hughes, Arthur & Trudgill, Peter
Hughes, Geoffrey
Hughes, Robert
Hutchinson, Maxwell
Hutton, Will
Irwin, John L.
James, Phillip S.
Jeffreys, S.
Jenkins, Philip
Jenkins, Richard
Jenkins, Simon
Jenks, Chris
Jenks, Chris(Ed)
Jhally, Sut
Johnston, R.J. & Gardiner, Vince (Eds)
Jones, Bill
Jowell, R. et al
Kanga, Firdaus
Kavanagh, D
Kavanagh, Dennis & Morris, Peter
Kearney, Hugh
Keat, Russell & Abercrombie, Nicholas
Keat, Russell & Abercrombie, Nicholas et al
Kennedy, Liam
Kimpton, Laurence
Kings College London School of Education
Kramer, Bernd Lenz and Gerd Stratmann (Eds.)
Kramsch, Claire
Kritzman, Lawrence (Ed)
Kureishi, Hanif
Lacey, Stephen
Lasdun, Susan
Lavery, Clare
Layton-Henry, Zig
Ledger, Sally(Ed) & McCracken, Scott(Ed)
Leith, Dick
Lessing, Doris
Lewis, Reina
Light, Alison
Lively, Jack & Lively, Adam
Lively, Penelope
Livingstone, Sonia M.
Lodge, D.
Lorimer, Douglas A.
Loughlin, James
Louis, Roger(Ed)
Lovell, T. (Ed)
Lowerson, John
Lucie-Smith, Edward (Ed)
Lusted, D. (Ed.)
Macaulay Trevelyan, George
McConville, Mike & Shepherd, Dan
McCormick, John
McCrone, David & Kendrick, Stephen et al (Eds)
McCrone, David
McCrum, Robert & Cran, William et al
MacDiarmid, Hugh
McDowall, David
McGowan, Kate
McGuigan, Jim
McIlroy, John
Mack, Joanna & Lansley, Stewart
MacKenzie, John M.
Mclean, Alan C.
McRobbie, Angela
Magdwick, P.J.
Marker, Dave
Marr, Andrew
Marsden, Bob & McIver, Nick
Marwick, Arthur(Ed)
Massey, Doreen
Masterman, Len
Masterman, Len (Ed)
Mawby, R.I.
May, Stephen
Midwinter, Arthur & Keating, Michael et al
Miller, Daniel
Mills, Sarah
Mills, Sara (Ed)
Mills, Jane
Milner, Andrew
Milroy, James & Milroy, Lesley
Mingay, G.E
Mo, Timothy
Modleski, Tania
Moffett, Noel
Montgomery, Martin
Montgomery, Martin & Reid-Thomas, Helen
Morgan, Kenneth O.(Ed)
Morgan, Rod & Smith, David (Eds)
Morley, David
Morris, Jan
Mullard, M
Murray, Peter & Trombley, Stephen
Musman, Richard
Nairn, Tom
Nairn, Tom
Nation, Michael (Ed)
National Lesbian and Gay Survey, The
Negrine, Ralph
Nolasco, Rob & Medgyes, Peter
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