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British Studies bibliography - index by author O-Z
  Oakland, John
Oakland, John
O'Brien, Lucy
O'Donnell, Mike
Office for Standards in Education
Office for Standards in Education
Opie, Iona & Tatem, Moira (Eds)
O'Sullivan, Tim & Hartley, John et al
O'Sullivan, Tim & Hartley, John et al
Ousby, Ian
Ousby, Ian
Ousby, Ian (Ed)
Palmer, Roy
Papa, Mario & Iantorno, Giuliano
Paxman, Jeremy
Peacock, D. Keith
Pearce, David & Markandya, Anil et al
Pearce, Malcolm & Stewart, Geoffrey
Peele, Gillian
Perkin, Harold
Perotti, Antonio
Pevsner, Nikolaus
Pickering, Michael(Ed) & Green, Tony(Ed)
Piesse, Jenifer & Peasnell, Ken et al
Pimlott, Ben(Ed) & Cook, Chris(Ed)
Plant, R.
Plummer, Ken (Ed)
Porter, Bernard
Porter, Roy(Ed)
Potter, Jackie & Church, Jenny et al
Powell, Michael
Protherough, Robert & King, Peter
Punnett, Neil & Webber, Neil & Murray, Stephen
Pye-Smith, Charlie & Hall, Christopher (Eds)
Pykett, Lyn
Radice, Lisanne & Vallance, Elizabeth et al
Radice, Lisanne & Vallance, Elizabeth et al
Rafferty, Oliver P.
Raw, Laurence
Raw, Laurence
Redhead, Steve
Reiner, Robert
Reynolds, David
Reynolds, Simon & Press, Joy
Robbins, Keith
Roddam, Franc
Room, Adrian
Ross, Anne
Rowe, Marsha (Ed)
Royle, Trevor
Ruby, Jennifer
Sabin, Roger
Said, Edward W
Said, Edward W.
Savage, Jon
Selby, Keith & Cowdery, Ron
Shallice, Andy & Gordon, Paul
Sharpe, J.A
Shattock, Joanne
Sheldrake, John
Sheerin, S. et al
Shields, Rob (Ed)
Shore, Bradd (Emory University)
Short, John
Shuker, Roy
Sinfield, Alan
Sked, A. & Cook, C.
Smith, Anthony D.
Smout, T.C. & Wood, Sydney
Sneddon, Ian & Kremer, John (Eds)
Snellgrove, L. E.
Snoddy, Raymond
Spalding, Frances
Stacy, J.(Ed) & Franklin, S.(Ed) et al
Stationery Office, The
Stead, Peter
Steddman, Carolyn
Stoker, Gerry
Storey, John
Storey, John
Strinati, Dominic
Swindells, J.
Talbot, Rob & Whiteman, Robin
Taylor, Ann
Taylor, S.J.
Taylor, Simon
Temple, Julien
Thatcher, Margaret
Thomas, Terence (Ed)
Thompson, E.P.
Thompson, F.M.L.(Ed)
Thoreaux, Paul
Thorne, Tony
Thumim, Janet
Thwaites, Tony & Davis, Lloyd et al
Tidrick, Kathryn
Tizard, Barbara & Phoenix, Ann
Traynor, John & Wilmot, Eric
Troyna, B. & Carrington, B.
Trudgill, Peter
Tunstall, Jeremy
Turner, Graeme
Turner, Graeme
Upton, Clive et al
Veblen, Thorstein
Veldman, Meredith (Ed)
Verdonk, Peter & Weber, Jean Jaques
Vincent, Peter
Wadham-Smith, Nick (Ed.)
Waites, Bernard & Bennett, Tony et al (Eds)
Walker, Brian
Walrond-Skinner, Sue(Ed)
Walton, Ian (Ed.)
Watkin, David
Watson, Daphne
Webb, R.K.
Webster, Juliet
Weedon, Chris
Weeks, Jeffrey
White, Brian
Whitely, Shelia
Whyte, Christopher (Ed).
Whyte, John
Wilby, Pete & Conroy, Andy
Williams, Gwyn A.
Williams, Raymond
Williamson, Bill
Williamson, J.
Williamson, Judith
Wilson, Edgar
Willis, Susan
Wragg, Ted
Wright, Patrick
Wright, Sue (Ed)
Wynn-Davies, Marion (Ed)
York, Peter & Jennings, Charles
Young, Alison
Young, Hugo
Young, Robert (University of Sydney)
Ziegler, Philip
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