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  25 Years of Social Trends on CD-ROM
A to Z of British Life, An
Acknowledging Consumption
Accountable to None: the Tory Nationalization of Britain
Adult Comics: an Introduction
Adventures with Britannia
Advertising As Communication
After Identity: a Reader in Law and Culture
Age and Generation
Alienated Reader, The: Women and Popular Romantic Literature in the 20th Century
And There Was Television
Anglo-American Relations in the Twentieth Century: the Politics and Diplomacy of Friendly Superpowers
Anticlimax: Feminist Perspective on the Sexual Revolution
Art of Being Black,The: the Creation of Black Youth Identities
Arts, Literature and Society, The
Asian Teachers in British Schools: a Study of Two Generations
Aspects of Britain: Britain's Legal Systems
Authority in Language: Investigating Language Standardisation and Prescription
Authority of the Consumer, The
BBC Essential English Guide to Britain: Study Set
Battle for Scotland, The
Behind the Screens: Structure of British Television in the Nineties
Being An Actor
Benn Tapes, The: 2
Best of British Architecture 1980-2000, The
Beyond the New Right
Biogeography of the British Isles, The: an Introduction
Black British, White British
Black People, White Justice?: Race and the Criminal System
Black, White Or Mixed Race?: Race and Racism in the Lives of Young People of Mixed Parentage
Black Writers in Britain 1760-1890
Bloomsbury Guide to English Literature
Bloomsbury Guide to Women's Literature
Blueprint for A Green Economy
Bottle Factory Outing, The
Breadline Britain in the 1990s
Break-Up of Britain, The: Crisis and Neo-Nationalism
Britain 1997: an Official Handbook
Britain, Detente and Changing East-West Relations
Britain in Focus
Britain in the 1990s: a Social and Economic Atlas
Britain in the 20th Century World
Britain in the European Community
Britain in View
Britain on the Edge of Europe
Britain Today
Britain's Changing Environment from the Air
Britannia Overruled: British Policy and World Power in the Twentieth Century
British, The: their Religious Beliefs and Practices 1800-1986
British Art Since 1900
British Cinema and Thatcherism: Fires Were Started
British Civilization: an Introduction
British Cultural Studies
British Electorate, 1963-1992, The: a Compendium of Data from the British Election Studies
British Electorate, 1963-1992, The: a Compendium of Data from the British Election Studies
British External Policy-Making in the 1990s
British Feminist Thought: a Reader
British Financial Markets and Institutions
British Government: the Central Executive Territory
British Isles, The: a History of Four Nations
British Party Politics: Competing for Power in the 1990s
British Poetry Since 1945
British Political Facts, 1900-1994
British Political History: 1867-1991: Democracy and Decline
British Politics and the Environment
British Party Politics: Competing for Power in the 1990s
British Realist Theatre: the New Wave in Its Context 1956-1965
British Social Attitudes. Survey. 11th Report
British Social Trends Since 1900: a Guide to the Changing Social Structure of Britain
British Studies Now Anthology
British Studies Posters
British System of Government, The
Britons: Forging the Nation, 1707-1837
Buddha of Suburbia
Business and Politics in Britain: an Introduction
Cambridge Concise Guide to Literature in English
Cambridge Encyclopedia of the English Language, The
Cambridge Guide to Literature in English, The
Cambridge Historical Encyclopedia of Great Britain and Ireland, The
Cambridge Social History of Britain, 1750-1950, The: volume I: Regions and Communities
Canterbury Tale, A
Case for Intercultural Education, The
Castle Diaries, The: 1964-1976
Catholicism in Ulster, 1603-1983 :An Historical Introduction
Celluloid Sisters: Women and Popular Cinema
Celtic Languages, The
Challenge of English in the National Curriculum, The
Changing Class Attitudes
Changing Geography of the UK, The
Channels of Discourse Reassembled: Television and Contemporary Criticism
Chief Constables: Bobbies, Bosses Or Bureaucrats?
Choosing Our Future: a Practical Politics of the Environment
City as Text, The: the Politics of Landscape Interpretation in the Kandyan Kingdom
City of the Mind
Civil Liberties in Modern Britain: Freedom Under Thatcher
Class: Key Concept in Sociology
Codes of Advertising: Fetishism and the Political Economy of Meaning in the Consumer Society, The
Colonialism, Religion and Nationalism in Ireland
Coming to Terms with Policing: Perspectives on Policy
Comments on the Society of the Spectacle
Comparative Policing Issues: the British and American Experience in International Perspective
Consensus Politics: from Attlee to Major
Consumerist Manifesto: advertising in Postmodern Times, The
Consuming Passions: the Dynamics of Popular Culture
Contemporary Britain: a Geographical Perspective
Contemporary British Society: a New Introduction to Sociology
Contemporary Cultural Theory: an Introduction
Contemporary Scottish Studies
Contesting Culture: Ethnicity and Community in West London
Context and Culture in Language Teaching
Coping with Two Cultures: British Asian and Indo-Canadian Adolescents
Costume in Context: 1960's & 1970's
Country and the City, The
Countryside We Want: a Manifesto for the Year 2000
Creepers: British Horror and Fantasy in the 20th Century
Crime and Society
Criminal Justice
Crossing Subject Boundaries: the Micropolitics of Curriculum Innovation
Crossing the Boundary
Cultural Construction of Sexuality, The
Cultural Politics At the Fin de Siecle
Cultural Populism
Cultural Reproduction
Cultural Studies and Beyond: Fragments of Empire
Cultural Studies
Cultural Studies Reader, The
Cultural Studies and the Study of Popular Culture: Theories and Methods
Cultural Theory and Popular Culture: a Reader
Cultural Trends in the Eighties
Cultural Turn, The: Scene Setting Essays on Contemporary Cultural Theory
Culture and Imperialism
Culture and Language Learning in Higher Education
Culture and Politics in Northern Ireland 1960-1990
Culture and Society: a Sociology of Culture
Culture in Mind: Meaning Construction and Cultural Coginition
Culture Industry, The: Selected Essays on Mass Culture
Culture, Media, Language: Working Papers in Cultural Studies, 1972-79
Culture, Society and the Media
Damage to the Palace, The
Dancing to History's Tune: History, Myth and Politics in Ireland
Debrett's New Etiquette and Modern Manners
Decoding Advertisements
Democracy in Britain: a Reader
Dent Atlas of British History, The
Developments in British Politics 4
Developments in British Politics 4
Devil Makes Work, The: Leisure in Capitalist Britain
Dialects of England, The
Dictionary of British Institutions, A: a Student's Guide
Dictionary of Modern Britain, A
Dictionary of Popular Culture: Fads, Fashions & Cults
Dictionary of Superstitions, A
Discourse of Advertising, The
Distinction: a Social Critique of the Judgement of Taste
Divided Britain
Eclipse of A Great Power, The: Modern Britain 1870-1992
Eclipse of Scottish Culture, The
Economic History of Britain: 3. Industry and Empire
Education for Cultural Diversity: the Challenge for Schools
Education, Racism and Reformm
Egalitarian Thought and Labour Politics
Electoral System in Britain, The
Empire and the English Character
Empire Writes Back, The: theory and Practice in Post-Colonial Literature
Enchanted Glass, The: Britain and Its Monarchy
Encyclopedia of Britain
Energy and Natural Resources
Engendering Fictions: Discourses of Gender and the Contexts of Early Twentieth Century Fiction
Englands Dreaming: the Sex Pistols and Punk Rock
English, The
English, The
English Accents and Dialects
English Architecture: a Concise History
English Literature: a Survey for Students
English Novel in History, 1950 to the Present, The
English Painting: a Concise History
English Park: Royal, Private and Public
English Pub, The: a History
English Questions
Englishman's England: Taste, Travel and the Rise of Tourism, The
Englishness of English Art, The
Enterprise Culture
Enterprising Curriculum, An: Teaching Innovations in Higher Education
Essays on the History of Blacks in Britain: from Roman Times to the Mid-Twentieth Century
Essays on Politics and Literature
Essential Articles 1, 2, 3, 4
Essential Frankfurt School Reader, The
Ethnicity in Eastern Europe: Questions of Migration, Language Rights and Education
European Dimension in Pre- and In-Service Language Teaching Development, The: New Directions
Evaluating Language
Evangelicalism in Modern Britain: a History from the 1730s to the 1980s
Everyday Culture: Popular Song and the Vernacular Milieu
Exploding English
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