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  Faber Book of 20th Century Women's Poetry, The
Faber Book of Conservatism, The
Fact File 1997
Facts About Britain: 1945 to 1995 on CD-ROM
Fakesong: the Manufacture of British "Folksong" 1700 to the Present Day
Family Television: Cultural Power and Domestic Leisure
Famous British and American Songs and Their Cultural Background
Fantasy, the Bomb and the Greening of Britain: Romantic Protest, 1945-1980
Fast Moving Currents in Youth Culture
Fast Moving Currents in Youth Culture
Female Eunuch, The
Femininity in Dissent
Feminism and Youth Culture
Feminist Stylistics
Feminist Practice and Poststructuralist Theory
Fever Pitch: a Story of Football and Obsession
Fields of Vision: Landscape, Imagery and National Identity in England and the United States
Fighting All the Way
Film and the Working Class
Film As Social Practice
Film and Reform: John Grierson and the Documentary Film Movement
Focus on Britain Today
Focus on the East Midlands
Folklore of the Scottish Highlands
Fool's Gold: the Story of North Sea Oil
Football, Violence and Social Identity
Forever England: Femininity, Literature and Conservatism Between the Wars
Freedom, Empire and Decline: a Political History of Britain 1851-1990
Friends in High Places: Who Runs Britain?
Gender Advertisements
Gender Trouble
Gendering Orientalism: Race, Femininity and Representation
Gendering the Nation: Studies in Modern Scottish Literature
Geography Project, the . Book 1: the Local Environment and the British Isles. Key Stage 3
Getting the Message: News, Truth and Power
Good, the Bad and the Unacceptable: the Hard News About the British Press, The
Government and Politics of Northern Ireland
Great Britain: the Complete Guide to England, Scotland and Wales: 97
Great Rock n Roll Swindle
Growth and Structural Change
Guardians of the State: Ten Years in Politics, A Poetic History
Handbook of British Architectural Styles
Heaven on Wheels
Henry V
Heterologies: Discourse on the Other
Hiding in the Light
Highland Folkway
History of Modern Wales
History of Northern Ireland, A
History of Wales, A
How to Study Television
Ian Botham: My Autobiography
Iconography of Landscape: Essays on the Symbolic Representation, Design and Use of Past Environments, The
Ideology in Modern British Politics
Idealogy of the Aesthetic, The
Illustrated History of Britain, An
Images of English: a Cultural History of the Language
Imagined Communities: Reflections on the Origin and Spread of Nationalism
Imagined Country: Environment , Culture and Society
Imagined Village, The: Culture, Ideology and the English Folk Revival
Industrial Relations and Politics in Britain, 1880-1989
Industrialization and the Working Class: the English Experience
Introduction to English Law
Introduction to Language and Society, An
Inside Information 1/Inside Information 2
Inside the House of Commons: Behind the Scenes At Westminster
Insight Guide: London
Inter-Cultural Communication at Work: Cultural Values in Discourse
Intercultural Communication: Pragmatics, Genealogy, Deconstruction
Interpretation of Cultures
Interpreting Northern Ireland
Introduction to Language and Society, An
Introduction to Theories of Popular Culture
Irish Question and British Politics, 1868-1996, The
Journal for the Study of British Cultures
Judicial Punishment in England
Key Concepts in Communication and Cultural Studies
Key Concepts in Communication and Cultural Studies
Keywords: a Vocabulary of Culture and Society
Kingdom By the Sea
Land of Dreams, A: a Study of Jewish and Afro-Caribbean Migrant Communities in England
Landscape for A Good Woman: a Story of Two Women
Language and Gender: Interdisciplinary Perspectives
Language and Power
Language and Social Life
Language Education for Intercultural Communication
Language in the News: Discourse and Ideology in the Press
Language Policy Across the Curriculum
Last in the List: the Life and Time of An English Barrister
Leisure, Gender and Poverty: Working-Class Culture in Salford and Manchester, 1900-1939
Liberalism and Other Writings
Life in Modern Britain
Lifestyle Shopping: the Subject of Consumption
Literary Into Cultural Studies
Literature, Politics and Culture in Postwar Britain
Living Isles: Safari UK: Natural History of Britain and Ireland
London Observed: Stories and Sketches
Longman GCSE Revise Guide: Sociology
Loving with A Vengeance: Mass-Produced Fantasies for Women
Mainstream Companion to Scottish Literature
Making A Difference: Feminist Literary Criticism
Making Multicultural Education Work
Making of the English Landscape, The
Making of the English Working Class, The
Making of the United Kingdom, The
Making of Scotland: Nation Culture and Social Change
Making Sense of Television: the Psychology of Audience Interpretation
Manufacture of Scottish History, The
Matter of Wales, The: Epic Views of A Small Country
Media Education: an Introduction
Media Studies: an Introduction
Media Studies Book, The: a Guide for Teachers
Member of Parliament: the Job of A Backbencher
Michel Foucault: Politics, Philosophy, Culture - Interviews and Other Writings
Modern Architecture in Britain Guide
Modern Architecture Since 1900
Modern Britain: an Introduction
Modern British Jewry
Modern Criticism and Theory: a Reader
Modern England: from the Eighteenth Century to the Present
Modern Homosexualities: Fragments of Lesbian and Gay Experiences
Monarchy, The
Multilevel Short Course Programme
Multilingualism in the British Isles II: Africa, Asia and the Middle East
Music for Pleasure
Music Hall: Performance and Style
My Beautiful Laundrette
Mysterious Britain
Myth and Rural Culture
Myths of the English
Nation and Narration
National Identity
Nations and Nationalism
Nations and Nationalism Since 1780: Programme, Myth and Reality
Native Informant: Essays on Film, Fiction and Popular Culture
Native Land
Never Again: Britain 1945-51
New British Architecture
New Social Atlas of Britain, A
New Teacher in School, The: a Survey By HM Inspectors in England and Wales 1992
News, Newspapers and Television
Newspaper Power: the New National Press in Britain
No Gods and Precious Few Heroes: Scotland Since 1914
Northern Ireland Since 1968
Northern Ireland: Politics of the Constitition
Not in Front of the Audience: Homosexuality on Stage
Notes from a Small Island
Novel Ideas: Copiable Fictionfile
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