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  Off Centre: Feminism and Cultural Studies
On Living in An Old Country: the National Past in Contemporary Britain
On Record: Rock, Pop and the Written Word
On the Radio: Music Radio in Britain
One of Us
Oxford Book of London, The
Oxford Bookworms Factfiles: London
Oxford Guide to Women Writers, The
Oxford History of Britain,The
Path to Power, The: Memoirs Volume Two
Penguin Book of Modern British Short Stories
Penguin Guide to English Literature, The: Britain and Ireland
Penguin International Anthology of Modern Women's Short Stories, The
People and Places: Study Set - Pal/VHS
Personality of Ireland, The: Habitat, Heritage and History
Peter York's the Eighties
Pierre Bourdieu
Pleasures of Peace, The: Art and Imagination in Post-War Britain
Policing the Crisis: Mugging, the State, and Law and Order
Political Future of Northern Ireland, The
Political Issues in Britain Today
Politics and Public Policy in Scotland
Politics and the Mass Media in Britain
Politics of Local Government, The
Politics of Public Expenditure
Popular Culture: Past and Present
Popular Culture in England, c.1500-1850
Popular Television in Britain: Studies in Cultural History
Post-Colonial Studies Reader, The
Postmodernism and Consumer Culture
Postwar Britain: a Political History, 1945-1992
Power Without Responsibility: the Press and Broadcasting in Britain
Practical Sourcebook on National Identity, A: Writing Englishness, 1900-1950
Pressure Groups, Politics and Democracy
Primer for Daily Life, A
Prince of Wales, The: Right Or Wrong?: an Architect Replies
Printed Image and the Transformation of Popular Culture 1790-1860, The
Profile UK
Propaganda and Empire: the Manipulation of British Public Opinion, 1880-1960
Proper English?: Readings in Language, History and Cultural Identity
Public Order and Private Lives: the Politics of Law and Order
Public Moralists: Political Thought and Intellectual Life in Britain 1850-1930
Public Order and Private Lives: the Politics of Law and Order
Punish and Critique: Towards A Feminist Analysis of Penality
Punishing Violence
Pursuit of Greatness 1900-1970, The: Britain and the World Role
Quiet Revolution, A: British Sculpture Since 1965: Essays
Race Relations Since 1945
Race, Race Relations and Resistance: a Study of Late Victorian and Edwardian Racism
Race, Culture and Difference
Racism and Antiracism: Inequalities, Opportunities and Policies
Racism, the City and the State
Radical Stages: alternative History in Modern British Drama
Radio Handbook, The
Rave Off: Deviant Discourses in Contemporary Youth Culture
Raymond Williams: Making Connections
Reading Into Cultural Studies
Reading the Popular
Regional Trends: 1996 Edition
Rethinking Language and Gender Research: theory and Method
Revisionism in Irish History
Rise and Decline of the English Working Classes 1918-1990, The
Rise of Professional Society, The: England Since 1800
Roots of Football Hooliganism, The: an Historical and Sociological Study
Royal Fortune: Tax, Money and the Monarchy
School Centred Initial Teacher Training (Scitt) 1993-1994
Scotland and Nationalism: Scottish Society and Politics, 1707-1994
Scottish Voices 1745-1960
Servicing the Middle Classes: Class, Gender and Waged Domestic Work in Contemporary Britain
Sex and the British: a Twentieth-Century History
Sex Revolts, The: Gender, Rebellion and Rock 'N' Roll
Shaping Women's Work: Gender, Employment and Information Technology
She Bop: the Definitive History of Women in Rock, Pop and Soul
Shock of the New, The: art and the Century of Change
Shock! Horror!: the Tabloids in Action
Shortened History of England, A
Sid & Nancy
Slice of Life, A
So Very English
Social Contract from Hobbes to Rawls, The
Social History of England, A
Social History of England, A: 1851-1990
Social History of English
Social History of the English Countryside, A
Social Trends: 1997 Edition
Sound of History, The
Sour Sweet
Space Between the Notes, The: Rock and the Counter-Culture
Space, Place and Gender
Sport and the British: a Modern History
Sport and the English Middle Classes 1870-1914
Sport and the Making of Britain
Sport, Power and Culture
Sporting Alien, The: English Sport's Lost Camelot
Spotlight on Britain
State We Are In, The: Why Britain Is in Crisis, and How to Overcome It
Story of English, The
Subculture: the Meaning of Style
Swearing: a Social History of Foul Language, Oaths and Profanity in English
Talbot and Whiteman's England
Talking of the Royal Family
Talking Politics: a Psychological Framing for Views from Youth in Britain
Talking Politics: a Psychological Framing for Views from Youth in Britain
Teaching and Learning Language and Culture
Teaching the Media
Ted Wragg Guide to Education, The
Television Mythologies: Stars, Shows and Signs
Television Culture
Temper of the Times, The: British Society Since World War II
Thatcherism and British Politics: the End of Consensus?
Their Own Worst Enemies: Women As Writers of Popular Fiction
Theory of the Leisure Class, The
There Ain't No Black in the Union Jack
Time of My Life
To Build A New Jerusalem: the British Labour Party from Keir Hardy to Tony Blair
Tools for Cultural Studies: an Introduction
Town and Country Planning in Britain
Trade Unions in Britain Today
Trade Unions in British Politics: the First 250 Years
Twentieth-Century Fiction: from Text to Context
UK Environment, The
Ulster Unionism and British National Identity, 1885-1985
Uncommon Cultures: Popular Culture and Post-Modernism
Understanding News
Understanding Popular Culture
Understanding Popular Music
Understanding Radio
Understanding Scotland: the Sociology of A Stateless Nation
Universities and Elites in Britain Since 1800
Unruly Practices
Very British Miracle, A: the Failure of Thatcherism
Victorian Writing and Working Women
Video Playtime: the Gendering of A Leisure Technology
Vision of Britain, A: a Personal View of Architecture
Wales: the Imagined Nation - Essays in Cultural and National Identity
Watching Police, Watching Communities
Waving the Flag: Constructing A National Cinema in Britain
Welfare State in Britain, The
What A Lesbian Looks Like: Writings By Lesbians on Their Lives and Lifestyles
When in Britain...: Task-Based Activities for Learning English: Student's Book
When Shrimps Learn to Whistle: Signposts to the Nineties
When Was Wales?: a History of the Welsh
Wilson: the Authorized Life
Wise Children
Woman's Place Is in the House, A: Everything You Need to Know to Make It in Politics
Women and Careers: Themes and Issues in Advanced Industrial Societies
Women in Britain
Women in Their Speech Communities
Word Maps: a Dialect Atlas of England
Working Class Cultures in Britain, 1890-1960: Gender, Class and Ethnicity
World, the Text and the Critic, The
Writing Englishness: an Introductory Sourcebook
Writing Ireland
Year's Work in Critical and Cultural Theory Volume 3, The
Yes Minister 1
Yes, Prime Minister
Youth: Positions and Oppositions: Style, Sexuality and Schooling
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