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British Studies Now - Issue 12

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"The past is a foreign country", reflects the narrator of
L. P. Hartley's1953 novel, The Go-Between, as he recalls summer 1900 and the formative moment of his youth. In BSN 12 we visit that country and set out to explore Childhood.

Childhood Survey

Readers respond to our childhood questionnaire from Albania, Bulgaria, Ethiopia, Japan, Malaysia, Malta, Morocco, the Philippines, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Taiwan, Turkey, the UK and from Belgrade. The results make fascinating reading for all of us - as teachers, parents and adults - who want to compare similarity and difference through time and space. If you're a language teacher, try our
classroom activity.

English Rabbits

The work of Beatrix Potter lies at the heart of classic English children's' literature. Taking a closer look at Potter's English Rabbits, Jopi Nyman casts these adventurous yet fugitive characters in a significant drama of national identity.

Magic Mountains

Elena Tarasheva of the Institute for Foreign Students, Sofia and Leah Davcheva of the British Council, Sofia, write about a unique intercultural training project for trainee teachers of English, Geography and Biology which focuses on the magic of mountains.

Visit to Bangladesh

Maureen Haddock, Headteacher at Eustace Street Primary School in Oldham, UK, travels to Bangladesh to learn more about the cultural background of her pupils. (From the website of the BBC)

Featured text books (coming soon)

In secondary sector, we look at how two text books, Crossing Cultures and Lifestyles, are being designed for very different contexts in Romania and the Czech Republic. 


new books and materials (coming soon)

As always, we have a round-up of books and videos plus a full calendar of events worldwide and conference reports from Turkey, Russia and the Czech Republic.

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Home | BSN 12 | bibliography | publications | calendar | links

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