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Links as featured in 'British Studies Now', issue 12

Complete links archive  (updated)

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How the sites were chosen

Sites had to satisfy at least one of these criteria:

  • provide unique access to important information which is otherwise impossible or difficult to find
  • give access to the latest news about British culture and society
  • stimulate learning and research about contemporary Britain
  • promote an intercultural and comparative approach to learning

Please email us if you have any problems finding these sites. All links were last updated in January 2002.


Links featured in BSN 12


The Centre for International Research in Childhood (postgraduate courses)

The Centre for International Research in Childhood (Literature, Culture, Media)
was founded at the University of Reading, England, in October 1996. The centre aims to encourage academic research in childhood, focusing particularly on research in children and culture, children's literature, and children and the media. Staff are also involved in teaching an MA in Children’s Literature.

Young Book Trust

Contains information about this organisation's many useful publications and resources including 100 best books, an annual compilation of ‘the pick of the paperback stories for children from babies to teenagers’ published during a given year. The 1999 edition costs 2.20 (ISBN: 0853534799). Editions for 1997 and 1998 are still in print. Useful for libraries, parents and teachers.

Bethnal Green Museum of Childhood

Basic information on the major UK collection at East London’s Bethnal Green Museum

The New Child

Very informative guide to a 1995 exhibition of painting, The New Child: British Art and the Origins of Modern Childhood with considerable background on the social history of the subject.

University of Virginia's Electronic Text Centre


The University of Virginia’s electronic text centre’s collection of on-line out of copyright children’s literature

Centre for the Social Study of Childhood

Details of a new multi-disciplinary research centre based in the School of Comparative and Applied Social Sciences at the University of Hull - applying social theory to childhood and carrying out empirical studies of children's lives.

The Realbook Web Site

A very useful site for those teaching English to young learners.

General sites

Aviator project

Fascinating searchable collection on neologisms sampled by the Research and Development Unit for English Studies at the University of Liverpool. Each list contains ‘new' words from the Independent between the period January 1989 to December 1995. The words have been identified as being new by filtering software developed by the Unit during their AVIATOR Project, 1990 – 1993. Each word is given in surrounding context providing a commentary of sorts on social change. At random: clausefourphobia, sleepover, meatlessness.

Asian Online

A index of British Asian community resources including news, business, cuisine, fashion and marriage.

British Association of Toy Retailers

An excellent website including a list of top selling toys each year from 1965.

Fairy Stories on the Web

Edition six of the British Council Poland's British Studies web pages is devoted to 'Myths, Legends, Folk and Fairy Tales'. They are designed for teachers and learners of English in secondary schools and Teacher Training Colleges and can be adapted or used for self-study.

Concordance to Beatrix Potter

Search a concordance to the text of all the Beatrix Potter stories to test your theories: the verb 'escape' is never used although pie(s) feature quite frequently. You can also search more than eighty classics (i.e. out of copyright works) on this site created by Bill Williams, including all the Sherlock Holmes stories to prove Holmes never said 'Elementary, my dear Watson'.

The Tale of Peter Rabbit

The whole story, one page at a time with full-colour original illustration.

Complete links archive:

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Institute of Contemporary Arts, London

The homepages of Britain's leading centre for the contemporary arts currently undergoing a major redesign. Features  in the past  have included selected talk transcripts including Jean Baudrillard's 1997 lecture, selected archives from the last 50 years and a complete catalogue of their very reasonably priced and unique range of video and audio tapes. Set a web robot such as netmind (see below) to watch the sight and inform you of changes.

British Council

British Council pages

This is where you are now. There are plenty of guides  to information about the UK's resources in Education, Governance, Science and the Arts available from the main home page.  Several country sites are maintaining dedicated British Studies pages, a selection of which you can find below. The British Studies homepages edited in Britain (http://www.britishcouncil.org/studies) contain an on-line bibliography, key articles, events listings, conference proceedings, frequently asked questions, British Council publications including selected themes on-line from the British Studies Now newsletter and how to join the British Studies discussion group, EDBRITS-L .

Links to web sites - Infoexch - The British Council France
British Studies Poland
Resource centres - Infoexch - The British Council Bulgaria and
The British Council Office Library - Sofia - Infoexch - The British Council Bulgaria
British Studies - The British Council Germany
British Studies - Education - The British Council Hungary and
Beyond accession - Programme - Education - The British Council Hungary
Building Bridges - English - The British Council Latvia
British Studies in Indonesia - Arts - The British Council Indonesia
The British Council

English Language Teachers Contacts Scheme (ELTECS) - English - The British Council United Kingdom

The British Council:  LanguageAssistantant
Contains regular British Studies lesson plans and a downloadable guide to being a language assistant.


UK Universities

An alphabetical listing of sites hosted by the University of Birmingham.

(There is also a very useful world listing at http://www.mit.edu:8001/people/cdemello/univ.html)

The Languages, Lingusitics and Area Studies Subject Centre's site has an email discussion list and a link to The Independent's A-Z of degrees at:


The Internet movie database

A model on-line database holding cross-references information on films, cast, actors, directors, awards etc. If you're running a film club, very useful for checking film formats, and checking  the degree to which a film is British (over 7,000 are listed).


Transnational Communities

The Economic and Social Research Council has commissioned a 3.8 million national research programme into aspects of emerging transnationalism which will run until 2002. The initiative is directed by Steve Vertovec at the University of Oxford's Faculty of Anthropology and Geography. The programme's projects will 'broaden our understanding of the new and increasingly significant place of globe-spanning social networks in labour, business and commodity markets, political movements and cultural flows. The programme will concentrate on an actor-directed view of globalisation - 'globalisation from below''.

The programme has many projects; Axial Writing, co-ordinated by Tom Cheesman in the Department of German at University of Wales, Swansea, is one which looks at  the issues of cultural policy and practice for film-makers and writers in this context.

British Official Publications Current Awareness Service (BOPCAS)

Formerly  'UK official publications on-line' (NUKOP) -  BOPCAS is the UK's grey literature homepages, which at October 1999 contained bibliographic details of more than 14,000 official publications from government and government bodies . The site offers  a set of current awareness services including abstracts, special interest e-mail groups, on-line searching and hypertext links which offered by paid subscription. However the free services provide browsing access to material published in the last 6 months and an on-line ordering system through Dandy Booksellers. There is a reduced subsription charge to registered charities.

NYRIS - Nordic youth research information

Wonderful site for social science research into Youth Europe-wide. The site takes you to NYR Symposia with proceedings and the on-line journal Young, the Nordic Journal of Youth Research: don't miss papers from Paul Gilroy and Angela McRobbie in Vol 1 No 2 (http://www.alli.fi/nyri/young/yovol1.htm)


The Victorian web

Very good interdisciplinary overview of the Victorian period. Attractive easily navigable site especially suited to survey courses looking at Empire and the antecedents of British 20th Century Culture

The Institute of contemporary British history

If you are not familiar with the resources of this institute based in the University of London, then its resources will be a revelation. Its publications and events make the key contribution to the study of British post-War history and culture. The huge database of Teachers of History in the Universities of the UK on the adjoining site of the Institute of Historical research must be one of the best kept secrets on the web.


The Times, Sunday Times, Times Literary,  Education and Higher Education Supplements (TLS, TES and THES)

Virtually complete e-versions of the daily and Sunday newspapers plus highlights from the two supplements but few pictures. Registration is required but the site is free. The Times Literary Supplement now includes an archive of past issues older than six months if you subscribe to the print version and there are similar benefits for THES readers.

The Electronic Telegraph

Almost complete e-versions of the daily and Sunday newspapers with a few photos. Good search/archive facility. Its obituaries are particularly well-written and useful. Registration is required but the site is free.

The Online Mirror

The Daily Mirror online features a generous selection of its reports and features 

The Guardian and The Observer

Excellent selection of news features and columnists from these two broadsheet newspapers, The Guardian (daily) and The Observer (Sunday). The site was relaunched in January 1999 as The Guardian Unlimited. The front news page has a 'breaking news feature' and the fascinating , Notes & Queries section provides reader's answers to intriguingly answers to such head-scratchers as "Why is a full cooked English breakfast (amongst other things) sometimes referred to as "the full Monty?"


CCTA Government infomation service - Hansard and official British Monarchy sites

Perhaps the two most useful additions to this indispensable site about government and its functions are the official British Monarchy site, and the searchable transcripts of the House of Commons business from the House of Commons and House of Lords (Hansard). To find Hansard choose the 'organisational' index and then select Hansard choosing House of Commons or House of Lords. Surely the most significant British Studies resource to appear on the WWW to date.

BBC parliament

Tune in to the BBC's daily TV roundups of Parliament. Frequent live coverage direct from the House of Commons, the UK's lower chamber.

Recommended search engines

Google advanced search

Second only to 'All the Web..'. in coverage with abilty to search for Adobe Acrobate .pdf files. It keeps a cache of old pages even if they have been removed. Note the ability to refine search by language, domain, or to search a phrase in the title or the address of a page. Friendly display of results.

All the Web, all the time

As the name suggests, vast coverage: the place to go for something really obscure. Also very useful for searching for audio/visual formats. The picture search is especially good for researchers and editors.

Hotbot supersearch

Huge search base but quick and offering some of the most useful search criteria of any search engine: search by page name, date, domain, geographical area. Seach also by file formats, eg Image, audio, video.

IXQuick Metasearch

A comprehensive and clear metasearch engine.

An internet discussion group for British Studies

Now you can join the discussion group for British Studies directly on the WWW.

Note: with the exception of pages held on its own server, the British Council accepts no responsibility for the content of any site recommended here. The WWW is a dynamic medium and pages change daily: please let us know about any links which are not working.

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