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The Association of Recognized English Language Services is the professional body of accredited, independent ELT establishments in Britain, with over 220 members.

Academic writer:

A nine-stage self-access course in academic writing for university.

Acronym and Abbreviation Server:

20,000 acronyms and abbreviations from AA to YMCA. Users can either search for acronyms directly, or for words used as part of acronyms.

Association of Recognised English Language Services:

ARELS is the professional body of accredited, independent English language teaching establishments in Britain, representing over 220 member schools and colleges. The site includes information on ARELS schools, study in Britain, and quality assurance.


The British Association of Lecturers in English for Academic Purposes site has information about BALEAP, membership and accreditation, and an EAP resources page (in preparation.)

BALEAP - British Association of Lecturers in English for Academic Purposes:

BALEAP is a national organisation of centres where EAP (English for Academic Purposes) is taught within British Universities. Its role is to develop the English language provision for international students in institutions of higher education in the UK and to promote and support the professional development and status of staff in these institutions.


The British Association of State English Language Teaching is an association of ninety state universities and colleges in Britain. All BASELT programmes are accredited by the British Council. The website includes a list of members and a searchable database of courses.

BASELT: British Association for State English Language Teaching

BASELT is the association for all public sector institutions of further, higher and adult education which offer accredited courses in English for overseas students. The site gives contact details for the organisation.


The British Association of Teacher Qualifying Institutions is an association of institutions in Britain which offer quality training courses for teachers of English. The Website provides background information on BATQI, as well as a list of member institutions and the framework for TESOL qualifications.

BBC Radio Four BBC World Service: Learning English

This service is aimed primarily at learners, but has news and reports for teachers, and access to an email discussion list.

BESIG Home Page

The home of IATEFL's Special Interest Group for Business English has links, news, information on BESIG events, and a discussion forum.


The British Institute of English Language Teaching aims to be the voice of British ELT. Membership is available to all qualified teachers. Services offered include job search, consultancy, and a regular magazine. Some website services available to members only.


Internet publisher of reference, literature and poetry, based around out-of-copyright works. Includes the full text of The Oxford Book of English Verse and The Golden Treasury.

Bell English Online

You can use this free site to practise your English with exercises and fun games. Practise your listening, reading, grammar, vocabulary, writing and learn more about Britain and the world.


Full text of a wide selection of out-of-copyright classic English literature, including over 400 short stories and 80 novels, as well as reference works. Includes an internal search engine.


A service aimed at business teachers and students (16+) in the UK. Includes an extensive set of worksheets and background material, plus simple but comprehensive factfiles for a dozen major companies. Two large-scale resources, a virtual factory and a virtual economy, are downloadable or can be used online.

Board of English Language Librarians

BELL is a non-profit making association of librarians who manage significant collections of materials in English in Morocco. It aims to enhance information and resource sharing, and to make English language materials more widely available.

British Association of TESOL Qualifying Institutions

BATQI is an association of institutions in Britain which offer quality training courses for teachers of English for Speakers of other Languages.

British Tourist Authority

This site provides a wealth of tourist information and practical advice on where to go and places to stay, what to see and what to do. There is an interactive map of the UK which allows selection of a particular area. Also includes information on careers in tourism.

Cambridge Dictionaries Online

This site allows you to search the Cambridge International Dictionary of English, the Dictionary of American English, the Dictionary of Phrasal Verbs and the Dictionary of Idioms.

Cambridge English Readers

Cambridge English Readers is a new series of original fiction, specially written for learners of English. Graded into six levels - from elementary to advanced - the stories in this series provide easy and enjoyable reading on a wide range of contemporary topics and themes you can download sample chapters of simplified Readers in pdf format (requires Adobe Acrobat Reader).

Central Bureau for International Education and Training

The Central Bureau administers the UK side of a wide range of international education and training exchange programmes, and is a division of the British Council. It offers opportunities for pupils, students, teachers, trainers, lecturers and administrators in the UK education and training sectors.

Centre for English Language and British Studies (CEB)

Part of the University of East Anglia, based in Norwich, CEB has taught English Language since 1980. Contains details of courses, an application form and information on the city of Norwich. Also details of the resources centre.

Centre for Information on Language Teaching and Research

CILT is an independent charitable trust which aims to collect and disseminate information on all aspects of modern languages and the teaching of modern languages.

Citation Guide

Academic Writing - how to find your topic, evaluate the source, cite using appropriate conventions etc.

Collins Cobuild Student's Dictionary

An online version of the Student's Dictionary, with extra features (for example, you can hear the pronunciation of some of the words). It includes some pictures.

Comenius English Language Links

The Comenius site holds a host of information about the English Language. These pages holds a variety of links and resources for students and teachers of English.

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