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The British Council arts programme demonstrates the role of arts in an open and civic society. We are interested in projects in the arts and design, which use new creative approaches, and are of interest to a young Uzbekistan audience.

There are opportunities to develop British Uzbek projects that are unique and innovative because of the creative talent of Uzbekistan and the vitality of young people.

Arts initiatives started in earnest in October 1997, where over 10,000 young people visited our Festival of Britain jointly run by the Department of Trade and Industry, The Foreign and Commonwealth Office and the British Council. The events included textile designers and city architects seminars and design seminars, visit of the fusion band Inner Sense, a military orchestra, film screenings and serious commercial promotional efforts by twenty-four British companies.

The Council actively supports the Ilkhom International Contemporary Music Festival. Last year the Hilliard Ensemble sang for Festival audiences. British musicians' performances for the festival included interviews; master-classes for Uspenskii Music School students were widely televised and broadcast on FM radio with professional sound quality.

Young residents of the Uzbek capital attend the Tashkent European Film Festival in their thousands. The first Festival took place in May 1999 and has developed into a vehicle for a range of TV interviews and programmes on film and film people.

In October 1999 the British Council started working on an innovative musical project which is aiming at collaboration between the Scottish traditional music band Iron Horse and the Uzbek early music orchestra Sogdiana. Joint concerts of Iron Horse and Sogdiana are due to take place in Tashkent's Turkiston concert arena next spring. This project aims to stretch the musicians to their limits and create a wholly new sound.

Uzbek TV is interested in British-Uzbek projects and has developed a number of promotional campaigns for different joint projects.

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