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Innovative multicultural collaboration
Iron Horse and Sogdiana

There is a musical collaboration project between two groups of musicians - the Scottish folk-rock band, Iron Horse and the Uzbek traditional and early music chamber orchestra, Sogdiana.


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Iron Horse emerged in 1990 as one of the finest multi-instrumental bands Scotland has ever produced. Through the decade their imaginative and contemporary settings of traditional and self-composed music has developed into a highly original blend of music, making them one of the most sought after bands of their generation. The band's five albums are: 'The Iron Horse' (1991), 'Thro' Water Earth and Stone' (1993), 'Five Hands High' (1994), 'Voice of the Land' (1995) and 'Demons and Lovers' (1998). As a result of touring and travelling extensively, the band have come into contact with an exciting mix of musical styles, now beginning to find their way into their music.

Founded in 1995, Sogdiana is a unique group of musicians who combine a Uzbek classical background with innovative interpretations of early Uzbek music. They use reconstructed instruments inspired by ancient manuscripts and miniatures. There are more than twenty music instruments in the orchestra.

They are popular in Uzbekistan and have toured internationally to Germany, France, Russia, Korea & Egypt. They have had joint concerts and master classes with 'Yokulatoris' in 1998, Lion conservatory and Egypt music academy ensembles in 1997, and the Munich chamber music orchestra in 1999. There are two CDs: 'Sozlar navosi' (Melody of strings), 1998, and 'Uzbek-Bavarian Dialogue', 2000.

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