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There is a strong interest from Uzbek individuals and institutions in developing capabilities to enable them to participate in that part of Uzbekistan's political and economic life that deals with international economic and political relations.

The British Council operates a number of services for developing Uzbek-British partnerships in education and training in the social sciences.

For those young Uzbeks returning from UK higher education degree courses, the British Council offers free access to its internet and library services.

Finding the right programme for study

The British Council Information Centre provides detailed information on British Education and Training programmes. If you are planning to finance your study in Britain yourself and need help in choosing the most suitable programme or if you are seeking information on Uzbek higher education, our Education Information Officer will be happy to make an appointment for counseling or provide you with information.

If you are looking for an English language course in Britain we have a list of accredited language schools with full details. Our Information Centre houses an extensive collection of British University prospectuses as well as brochures from English language schools and other schools within the private sector. This information and our staff are always available to help you make an informed choice.


Every year from November the British Council assists the British Government's Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO)'s Chevening programme and the Uzbek Umid Foundation to select, test and place scholars at British higher education institutions. Currently over 150 young Uzbek undergraduate and postgraduate scholars are studying in Britain under these two programmes.


Returning scholars have their own website called Generation.Uz, which provides scholars both abroad and returned or those planning to study abroad with the latest news on what scholars are doing and the issues they are interested in. You can use the website to get advice on study abroad, share your experience with others and post articles on various issues.

The British Council also arranges various professional and social events sponsored by international business and development agencies for alumni members. Information on these can be collected from at the Council Information Centre.

Global Education and Training Information Service (GETIS)

GETIS is a subscriber service for those interested in education systems, conditions and opportunities in Uzbekistan and in other countries. It provides two main information services:

A web based database on education and training in Uzbekistan
A daily email digest with education and training news and updates

You can find out more about this service at the GETIS website.
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