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There is a huge and rapidly growing demand for English in Uzbekistan. English is taught and studied in all of the over 9,500 secondary schools, 224 lycees and vocational colleges and in more than sixty universities and institutes around the country. In addition, more and more adult learners are beginning or resuming study of English through evening classes or with tutors in the expanding but as yet unregulated private sector.

This growth in demand is the result of a recognition both by the Uzbek government and individual citizens of the unique role of English. At government level there is a clear understanding that proficiency in foreign languages, especially English, is an indispensable skill both for those currently in positions of responsibility and for the successor generation. For individual citizens English provides access to personal development and opportunities - it is a key which can open the door to a better career or further education.

One of the British Council's strategic aims in Uzbekistan is to help our various partners respond to this spiraling demand for English. There are three key elements to this strategy:

Building capacity
In all our projects we work with our Uzbek partners to help them develop their own capacity to meet the ever increasing demand for English and the changing needs of learners. Through our work with curriculum planners, teachers and textbook authors and designers we are helping to develop improved systems and new cadres of professionals better equipped to meet the challenges that lie ahead.

Raising standards
We are working closely with a range of partners to promote an increase in the standard of English used in Uzbekistan. We do this by helping to improve the quality and scope of teacher training, curriculum and learning materials and by introducing internationally recognized qualifications to serve as benchmarks.

A partnership approach
Our current partners include both Ministries of Education, the Uzbekistan Teachers of English Association (UzTEA), the Umid Foundation, the Soros Foundation, the Uzbek Ministry of Defence, the Republican Testing Centre and the Uzbek Red Crescent. We value these relationships greatly and ensure that cooperation begins at project design stage and continues through to implementation.

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