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We hope this site will be helpful in showing you what the British Council can do for you as a gateway to Britain.

Welcome to the British Council Uzbekistan

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The British Council Information Centre
University of World Languages Building
11 Kounaev Street
Tashkent 700031

Phone (+998-71) 120 6752/3
Fax (+998-71) 120 6371

What's new?

Language and Development Conference
The 6th International Conference on Language and Development will take place in Tashkent October 15-17 2003. The theme of the Conference, which is co-hosted by the British Council and the Ministry of Education of Uzbekistan, is 'Linguistic Challenges to National Development and International Cooperation'. Don't miss it!
Sixth Language and Development Conference

Grants for Research on Central and Inner Asia

The Committee for Central and Inner Asia invites applications for grants in aid of research concerned with Central Asia, Western China, Mongolia, or neighbouring parts of Afghanistan and SiberiaGrants for Research on Central and Inner Asia

Quantum Complexities in Condensed Matter

An important International Physics Convention Conference in Bukhara

Uzbekistan Information Portal

The best way to find Uzbekistan related information in all sectors Uzbekistan Information Portal

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