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Business and finance

Business is another area where there is clear recognition of UK strength. The UK is especially well rated for its prowess in financial services and the 2000 survey shows that a 'Made in the UK' label acts as a positive influencer on consumer attitudes.

Young people see UK business as having effective managers and respect our companies for their organisation, reliability and probity; however, many also see them as cautious or complacent, at any rate slow to react and to take advantage of opportunities. There is, too, an association of UK companies with top-end traditional products, usually involving a high degree of craftsmanship, and an absence of strong modern business icons.

This explains why, for all their positive qualities, UK companies can't quite match the reputation of their US, Japanese and German counterparts as world beaters.

The message about UK business from the data is therefore,

Our reputation rests on a very solid base but we are not always communicating our successes to the world's young people. In particular we need to build up an association of UK business with the cutting edge, high technology and pioneering entrepreneurialism.

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